Unable to connect to Roon Core [resolved]

I’m having connection issues after 1.3 update.

Between 1 and 2 times a day, the Roon client won’t connect to the Core. I’ll ultimately have to reboot the Core Mini to resolve. I resorted to setting up a scheduled daily reboot of the Mini with no change in behavior.

I’m running Roon Core on a MacMini and Roon on a iMac. Everything is wired through PakEdge managed switches.

Both computers are running latest Roon software on latest MacOS. Both Macs have static IPs.

Any help is appreciated.

You may want read @Pat’s findings with managed switches here:

Different problem, but there may be a solution hidden there.

Hmm - not sure how relevant this is as I don’t have issues with playing content (DSD included), only with reconnecting (relaunching) the player to the Core. And it seemed this was directly related to Cisco routers specifically.

Are there specific ports or protocols that need to be used?

I’m seeing this problem, too. No switches on my network.

@fritzg, @Dylan_Eddy, what is your netmask? (I have an idea)

Subnet Mask is if thats what you’re asking.

Someone pointed me to this thread which seems to have fixed my issue


@Dylan_Eddy – you were double mounting cifs shares (with Roon + non-Roon) and that prevented you from connecting?

Yes. I had a script that was mounting the shares on reboot and was having Roon mount as well. I basically edited the script to skip the music share mounts and let Roon handle it.

All seems to work as it should now.

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