Unable to find new synology nas roon core after loading backup from pc core

Installed roon core on usb ssd and all worked fine. I am able to switch between PC core and DS1520+ core with no issues until I load my backup database from my PC core to the DS1520+ core. After this install it seems as if the ds1520+ core is no somehow confused to be the PC core. Is the backup core specific or am I missing something here. I have reinstalled DS1520+ core and started over but still same results all good till I load backup database from PC core. Also I have moved music storage to DS1520+ and link that to storage with no issues. All issues occur after insalling backup. Can someone inform me of what I’m doing wrong thanks. I am a network novice at best. Thanks.

In summary, are you seeing one or two cores, and are these identified as the PC core?

When you restore a backup, the name of the core (Settings > Setup > Core name) is inherited from the backup.

Martin, when I viewed from app on phone had 2 cores both where from pc like you said. One said I was already signed in and asked if I wanted to close but instead used back button and selected other and connected right away and this one for sure was the pc core the other was the DS1520+ but was named PC. The backup file was moved from - “This PC / Local Disk (C) / Users / Ras10 / RoonBackups” to the new nas - RCS-DS1520 > Backups > RoonBackups. Inside RoonBackups are 1 folder named with lots of numbers and letters and 1 file named " Roon_Backup_Root " Then used this folder from new nas location to backup.

Thanks for trying to help.

Since this is the original core, open this, go to Settings > Setup > Core name and rename to something else. Then go to Settings > General and disconnect.

Now chose the core with the original name. This is your NAS. You can repeat the above steps to rename this core.

When you say original You mean the one I connected to on the PC that I originally had correct?

Yes, the one the backup was taken from.

I completed those steps.

So, you’re running the core on the NAS, and everything is working as expected?

Yes Had to restart PC in order to display ds1520+ core properly and sign into services again made new backup from ds1520+ core and seems to be operating fine thank you very much was frustrating but once you know problem easy to solve.

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