Unable to Find Roon Server After Router Replacement (ref#JHY5M0)

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I'm having trouble logging in

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When I tap the Roon button on my iPad I get a screen that says Choose your Roon server. It that says “looking for your Roon server”. But he doesn’t find anything. I have this issue since I replaced my router from wifi5 to wifi6. The next mourning when I started the system up I got this . The router cannot make contact with the Roon Server.
So, what is the problem Here.

Look to see what network addresses your server and iPad are on. They may be being given different addresses between wired and wirekess.

I use a microRendu from Sonore, but no SonicorbiterOS based servers are found on my network.
So I couldn’t tell.

Look in the router admin pages.

What should I be looking for?

Hi @Roelf_Hoekstra,

Ben with the support team here, thanks for writing in! I’m unfortunately not able to see any devices linked to your account, but one thing to look for in your network settings is the local subnet to which your devices are on.

Specifically, it would be the 7th digit in your IP chain, for example: 196.168.X.

When reviewing all the devices on your network, or at least your Roon Server device as well as any remote device, are they all on the same local subnet? Do they all share the same 7th digit in their IP chains?

Let me know your findings, thanks! :pray:

When reviewing all my devices in the router admin pages they all have a 1 as the 7th digit in their
IP-address. I don’t know which is which, because they are all called “Unknown”.
My gear: Rotel amplifier, B&W CM10 speakers, Audiostore MiniCube streamer/server, a microRendu as an endpoint.

Hi @Roelf_Hoekstra,

Do you have another device you can setup as a Roon Server?

How is the Minicube connected to your router? Please hardwire via ethernet directly to the router bypassing any network gear.


My MiniCube is hardwired via ethernet to the new router.
Sadly I don’t have another device that can act as a Roon Server.


Got it, thanks for letting me know @Roelf_Hoekstra, unfortunately, the device you are running Roon Server on - the mini cube, does not fall within the scope of our support. Specifically, any machine running roon in a Docker container or a Virtual Machine environment.

However, we do have a fair amount of users within the community who do still use Roon in this fashion and may be able to help you. For cases like this, we’ll move your thread over to Tinkering and lean on the community for additional assistance. :+1:

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