Unable to get Flirc to work

Boy, I’m here testing out Roon and Ropiee and it seems to be fighting me at every step. And it’s not like I haven’t done my homework and researched the steps involved. My latest “got-cha” is I can’t get Flirc work.

  1. I already had a Flirc, so I went and updated the firmware to the latest (4.6.3 I think).

  2. I selected “media keys” and programmed all the keys with my WMC remote that I had used with the Flirc previously.

  3. I inserted the Flirc into the RPi 3B+ and let the pi boot up.

  4. I set the name to the same as the RPi it was going to be used on (DisplayUSB). I was pleased to see that Flirc was already populated.

  5. I rebooted and tried the remote. Nothing - no response. No problem I said. I had already researched this and some people had to run some commands via SSH. So, I’ll do that.

  6. I successfully ran the following:
    yes | pacman -Syyu
    yes | pacman -Syu ropiee-web ropiee-remote ropiee-touchui

  7. I rebooted and - no response from the remote.

  8. I double checked the name - it’s correct.
    I double checked that the Flirc held it’s media keys programming - it’s correct.

Now where did I go wrong?

By the way, since this RPi has a touch screen installed I can see what’s happening. If I unplug and reinsert the Flirc I see Ropiee load the corresponding drivers. So, it is identifying it.

Just asking a dumb question: I know that you confirmed the name, but just confirming that it is the zone name in Roon that you checked against, not the host name of the RPi.


Yeah, I’m using the zone name.

However - I just got it to work! I had to reboot the Roon server. Go figure.