Unable to get foobar or JRiver working with Roon via ASIO [Solved!]

Solved: I’d disabled the on-board audio system in the primary server. Once I enabled it the bios and installed a audio driver for it, everything worked fine.

TL:DR: Roon gives me an error message when I try to send output to foobar or JRiver.

I have a fairly complex setup - Dual Windows Server 2012 computers with jPlay & Audiophile Optimizer and a Lampizator DAC that only decodes DSD. I upsample all of my music to DSD128 in real time.

My attempts to fully integrate Roon into this system failed, even though I researched the helpful posts here about how to get Roon to work with Windows Server 2012 and how to set up foobar for DSD upsampling. I figured I’d try things out with a much simpler setup - Win10 on a single computer - and was very surprised to find that I got the exact same errors.

In short, in both the simple and complex systems, I’ve got foobar, JRiver and Roon all functioning independently. foobar and JRiver both perform real-time DSD conversion of my music and Roon imports folders (which doesn’t work automatically in stock Windows Server 2012) and will play native DSD content directly to my DSD DAC. But when I direct the output to foobar or JRiver (so I can play PCM content and upsample everything to DSD128), it fails.

When I try to output to foobar, Roon tells me that there was an unexpected error trying to communicate with the output device. When I try to use JRiver, Roon doesn’t give an error, but JRiver hangs, the music never starts, and the progress bar in Roon doesn’t move.

I found this particularly frustrating as it appears that the things I’ve gotten to work (getting Roon to function in Windows Server and configuring foobar for real-time DSD upsampling) are much more difficult than what I couldn’t get to work (sending audio from Roon to foobar). The setup from within Roon seems very straightforward.

I did try all of this on the same computer. I suppose I could also
try running Roon & foobar on my laptop just to see what happens.

Does anyone have any suggestions?