Unable to get remotes to reliably connect to Core

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 8.1, Roon Core, latest build downloaded from Roon in the last 7 days

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Asus RT-AC3100 with latest firmware update. Roon Core PC is connected directly via LAN cable but also attempted previously through a Netgear switch

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

PS Audio DirectStream DAC Jr w/Bridge II
PS Audio DirectStream DAC (Sr) w/Bride II

Description Of Issue

I have attempted to install Roon Core on 3 different Windows machines (Windows 10 and Windows 8.1) some connected directly to my router and others through a Netgear unmanaged Switch. The Roon Core seems to be able to maintain a connection to the two PS Audio DirectStream DACs but my iPhone XS and Note 9 running the latest Roon remotes from the app stores constantly lose connection with the Roon Core and are unable to reconnect without restarting everything again. I have attempted to reset all network hardware, restart phones, update router firmware, and “Enable Multicast Routing” in the router settings per your troubleshooting tips.

Please help!

Hi @Michael_Smith2 — Thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the trouble here.

When one remote disconnects does the other disconnect at the same time, or do they disconnect individually of each other?

If you use one of the Windows machines connected via Ethernet as a remote do you experience the same issue?

Hi Dylan,

All of the remotes on iphone XS, ipad pro 11, and Samsung Note 9 all show “Looking for your Roon Core”. Sometimes it allows me to select another Core, sometimes the same core shows up there and sometimes it doesn’t.

With regard to your second question, unfortunately I haven’t been able to test using a hardwired PC as a remote because when I try to download the Roon Bridge from the link on your site my Asus RT-AC3100 throws up a security message which states “Warning! The website contains malware. Visiting this site may harm your computer”

Turn off AiProtection on the Asus and test again.

Too much trouble to get Roon to work in my setup. I’m unfortunately going to cancel during my Roon and Qobuz trial period and use lower quality Spotify Connect and Sonos for convenience and then PC connected directly to my DACs for critical listening. Bummer as Roon seems like a great concept:(

Hi @Michael_Smith2,

Apologies for the trouble here! Since all remotes are disconnecting at once, this sounds like there is something about the Core’s network connection or the WiFi connection that is causing this behavior to occur.

Occasionally we’ve seen antivirus software have false positives like this and the best option is to whitelist the site.

Additionally, you’ll want to install the all-in-one Roon on the Windows remote, not RoonBridge. RoonBridge doesn’t have a UI features, it’s only used for playback.

Thanks Dylan! I was successfully able to connect from one of my other Windows based machines which is hardwired to the network after following your instructions to install the full package on the other machine. I previously didn’t notice the little link that says “oops I meant to install a remote” or something like that so that the correct package would install.
I will continue to test the mobile clients as being able to control from those devices is the most value feature for me. Will report back if I continue to have issues with the mobile client remotes.

Hi Dylan, I’m experiencing a reliable connection from my other hardwired Windows PC but very unreliable connections from my iPhone and Note 9 which are obviously on wifi. Any ideas on what I can change with my Asus router to improve wifi reliability? Constantly get the “Lost Connection!” “Trying to reconnect” messages. Select a different core sometimes shows the Core and sometimes it doesn’t. I saw someone mention something about making sure the IP ranges match between hardwire and wireless but only see one option for IP ranges in the Asus settings and get the impression that the range already applies to wired and wireless connections.

Raising this issue again. I’m still experiencing very unreliable performance from my iphone Xs and Note 9. I have manually assigned ip addresses for the iphone, Note and Roon Core in the DHCP settings of my Asus router and while it seems to have helped a little, I still experience the “Lost Connection!” issue from my mobile devices far too frequently. My other hardwired Windows PC connects to the Core very reliably.

Any ideas to help fix this issue?

You might try this, not saying it will work for you or the iPad, but maybe on your note…

Hi @Michael_Smith2,

Just to verify, you’re still connected directly to the router and not the Netgear switch you previously mentioned, right?

Are you using any other networking hardware for WiFi or is it only the Asus router?

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