Unable to install Roon On NAS on Synology DS418

Hi everyone,

I’ve just migrated from Drobo to Synology (model DS418) and I decided to try Roon on server. I followed the tutorial from here: RoonOnNAS – Use your NAS as a Roon Core
My process ends when I try to manually install the sw as I get this message:

My NAS is running DSM 7.1. I found the thread on running Roon on a docker, but I was not able to find a version that I could have installed on my NAS.
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance!

It is exactly what the message is trying to tell you. You cannot run Roon on a DS418. The DS418 has a Realtek CPU instead of a Intel processor (which is required for running Roon Core). Sorry!

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Ouch! Too bad.
Thanks for clarifying

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