Unable to Login to Roon with Privado VPN Active (ref#FE9DH6)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble logging in

Where are you having trouble logging in?

· I can't log into the Roon app

Describe the issue

I have posted this issue before, but because Roon closed my topic without providing any guidance for a solution, I'm opening a new topic as I still need a solution for this. I hope Roon support is still willing to (at least try) to help me and maybe others can give ideas how to solve this. Any help is much appreciated.

I have by default my NAS connected with VPN because I'm pretty strict on my privacy. This has never been an issue. I have not changed my VPN provider but suddenly I cannot login anymore to Roon when the VPN on my Synology NAS is active. Note that this is NOT to bypass any state restrictions on Roon: I live in The Netherlands and my VPN connection is also in The Netherlands. When I try to login, the Roon log keeps moving and after a while I return to the login page. A never ending loop. When I deactivate VPN, I can login. When I activate it, I can still login, but after a while it breaks and I cannot login anymore. What I also found strange is that VPN has only impact on external connections to internet. And the Roon server with music info will see a different IP address, but that is all. How can this effect whether I can login? And logging in is purely an internal activity I think? (I'm not using ARC, too complicated for me to make that work).

Any ideas what I can try to fix this? Any help is much appreciated because now I have a lifetime subscription to a software product that I cannot use anymore :-( P.S. Roon, please don't close this topic! Thanks!

Describe your network setup

Synology DS918+, Linksys router E4200

Hi @Sander_vg ,
Can you describe your VPN setup? I used to have Nord VPN and found I had to enable a setting for Roon to work. (Not using it now anymore, though.) I posted this on this forum at the time.
Cheers, Joost

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Hi Joost, thanks for your reply! I use Privado VPN. I create the VPN using OpenVPN, by importing a .ovpn file from Privado. I don’t use CA certificate. I also checked ‘use standard gateway on extern network’ on my synology NAS.

I can use ‘default’ .ovpn files or ‘tcp-scrambled’. I opted for ‘default’, never tested ‘tcp-scrambled’ (no clue what it means).

Do you remember what setting you had to use for Roon to make it work? Maybe that will do the trick for me as well?

Thanks for you help! Much appreciated!

EDIT: I found your previous post. I don’t think Privado has this ‘discovery setting’ available. I did found that Pivado mentioned that my DNS settings are not defined. (DNS instellingen zijn niet ingesteld). Maybe that has to do with my issue?

The setting I had to use was

Hi @Sander_vg ,

Thanks for your message. While in some cases Roon does work with VPNs, it is not something that we can support from a technical perspective on the Roon side, so I have moved the thread over to the tinkering section. Please note that most VPNs have a feature called Split Tunneling to allow Roon access but still have the VPN for other applications. This setting has helped in the past and looks like Privado has this as well, so you may want to give this a try:

I appreciatie the help for this!

As far as I can see, Privado doesn’t have a lan-discovery option available.

Split Tunneling is for Privado available, but only when used on windows, not when used for my Synology. Unless I can configure my Synology NAS for this somehow. Any ideas for this?

I also read something about creating a container with docker to configure a specific app that is not using VPN. For me, this is Chinese… Any thoughts on this option?

Any other ideas?

I will close this topic and open a specific topic how I can install VPN and Roon on a synology NAS. I hope there is somebody in the community that can help with this.