Unable to play ABC NewsRadio station

Roon Core Machine



Connected Audio Devices

Trinnov Altitude16

Number of Tracks in Library

<1336 tracks>

Description of Issue

<Roon will not play the internet radio station ABC NewsRadio: NewsRadio - ABC News
This has just occurred today. Previously working …

Please help !

Hello @Montgomery_Campbell , I’ve updated the streams, try now.

Getting the same error … unable to play this station.

No problems here.
Has something changed in your setup? Have you rebooted the server?

I have not changed anything … dumb question: How do I reboot my server?

Your core is on the PC? Reboot that.

Yes it is … ok . I will restart my PC and then report back.

Ok … after restarting my PC … the problem remains !!!
Arrghhh !

Try to use the station from Roon’s curated Live Radio section (you can also use the search to find the station) instead of what you use now (looks like a self created station). See below how the curated Station gets presented:

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Yes … that is what I have done and it works !!
Not sure why something that WAS working now no longer works !!!

Is your problem now solved or are you still unable to listen to the station?

Problem is solved although we still don’t know why something that DID work no longer works !

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