Unable to Play Audio Through DAC With ultraRendu for Wavelength Brick N2


I’ve been stuck at not being able to play audio through the ultraRendu with the Wavelength Brick N2.

It works for MoOde Audio, HQPlayer 4/5 Embedded and Ropieee. I’m not sure what’s different here.

At this moment I’m unsure if the issue lies with Sonore or Roon. Or if the ultraRendu is just not compatible with my DAC.

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Contact Jesus at Sonore for support, I would guess that if it works in one set-up and not the other, its a compatibility issue.


Okay, thanks. :slight_smile: I’ll write to them. I bought it from smallgreencomputer.com though.

That’s ok, Good luck!

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Tried with a different DAC, seems to be having same issue.

hey @connor, might need your help to look into this? As it’s happening for both my DACs I wonder if it might have been an issue on Roon’s side.

I seem to be getting same issue for Wavelength Brick N2, AudioQuest Dragonfly Colbalt and iFi Zen DAC Signature V2.

The error: RAAT__OUTPUT_PLUGIN_STATUS_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED keep appearing for all 3 of these DACs.

Just to post an update: Unable to get it to work with the Wavelength Brick N2, works fine with the iFi Zen DAC Signature V2. I’ve since placed an order for the Denafrips Ares 12th-1.