Unable to play MQA files on DCS Rossini [solved, was using Airplay by accident]

my core is in iMac intel core i5. When playing MQA files my Rossini always show the file at 16/44.1. have disabled the dap engine which was not helpful.


Can you please check your audio device settings in roon? Specifically check the “MQA Capabilities” setting. It should be set to “Decoder and Renderer” as shown below.

If that’s not the issue please share a screenshot of your signal path. It should look something like this:

Also, what is the source of the MQA files that you are playing? Tidal or local files?

The Resync Delay was at 0ms. MQA files from Tidal.Here to find the Signal Path.


The resync delay setting isn’t important here. The important one is the first line: “MQA Capabilities.”

The MQA Capabilities is Decoder &Renderer

Please send a shot of your Roon Signal Path during playback.

where can I find the Signal Path


Source- Tidal Flac 48KHZ 24 bits 2ch MQA 96khz-Authentication MQA Studio 96KHZ-bit depth conversion 24 bits to 64 bits float- sample rate conversion 48Khz to 44.1 kHz- Bit Depth conversion 64bits float to 16 bits-dis rossini player

Does the signal path look like this? Specifically, does it say AirPlay Streaming at the bottom?

If so you’ve accidentally selected the Rossini Airplay device. Click on the zone selector in the lower right (likely looks like a speaker) and select the zone for the Rossini Roon Ready device (will have an icon that looks like the Rossini).

yes Airplay streaming

I’ve seen this scenario before with a few customers in which the Airplay device accidentally gets enabled and then selected. If you don’t use Airplay streaming for anything then you can disable the Airplay device in Roon’s Audio settings screen. It will be in the last grouping of devices at the bottom of the screen.

Do you mean disable the docs airplay

thanks very much , my dcs is now playing at 96. but there is no MQA logo

The MQA logo is now up.Thank you so much for helping me.

You’re welcome. Enjoy!!

good night from Singapore.