Unable to play music in 1.6 [Solved - Rebooted Core and Networking Gear]

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I turned on my Nucleus this am. I got a popup that there was an update available for one of devices- would I like to update? So I clicked on ‘update’.
Is there a new update for the nucleus?
My setup is: Roon core is on my nucleus. Roon control is on my laptop. My files are on a 2TB external HD connected to Nucleus usb. USB out from Nucleus to Oppo 205 USB/DAC. Oppo dedicated stereo XLR outs to Emotiva XMC-1’s XLR/balanced inputs.
Right now I am not able to play any music. The progress line at the bottom showing that the song is playing, and all input settings in my chain are correct.
There is a pulsating ‘bullseye’ at the bottom of the Roon page next to the OPPO USB-DAC icon. What does this mean?
Is my Nucleus being updated? If so how do I know when its done?
Is the Oppo’s DAC being updated? I doubt this, but I don’t know.

Basically I need to know what’s going on??

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Hello @Thomas_Giloy,

Can you please try rebooting your Nucleus and all networking gear? We just released a new Roon version so yes, seeing the update is expected. I’ve enabled diagnostics mode for your account and I can see that the Nucleus has updated to the latest version already, please let me know if a reboot helps.


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It’s working fine now.
Since the nucleus is powered on all the time is there a way to set it for automatic firmware updates at 2 am ?? I don’t remember anything while I was setting it up, but I might have missed it.
Is there a progress bar I can see to know how far along the update is, and if it’s completed?? And what changes are in the new firmware??
Thanks, Tom

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Hi @Thomas_Giloy,

You can find the release notes for 1.6 here:

The Nucleus automatically updates to Roon’s latest version unless you have this disabled in Roon Settings -> About -> Cogwheel Icon but I would highly suggest leaving it to automatically update so that your Core can receive any critical fixes as soon as they’re published.

The update is completed for your Nucleus, it usually takes anywhere between 5-10 minutes to perform an update and we don’t release these too often, you can check how often they have been released in the past by navigating to our Release Notes Section.


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