“Unable to play this station. Its address may have changed...”

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I‘ve been having exactly this problem yesterday and today, using the current Early Access version: Most live radio links fail with this message; accessing the same streams through those same services’ apps or via their web sites works fine with no problems.

Example streamers include:

  • all of the Concertzender streams that I‘ve tested, both via their concertzender.nl and their greenhost.nl addresses
  • France Musique La Baroque (France)
  • WCRB Boston Classical Radio (USA)
  • WHRB Harvard Radio (USA)
  • CKUT FM (Canada)
  • VPR Classical (USA)
  • WUNH (USA)
  • Mother Earth Klassik (Germany)
  • Viva Classica (Finland)

OK, I thought it was every single stream; however, a few streamers do work:

  • CBC Music (Eastern) (Canada)
  • Ici Musique Classique (Canada)
  • Megaton Cafe Radio (USA)

All of the non-working streams were working fine within the last week or two. Is anyone else seeing this? Any suggestions on how I can get these working again (especially Concertzender)?

Hmm, fIrstly, I can play those stations.

Secondly, between them they use all different stream types, and the fact that you can play some stations means it’s not your codecs.

I wonder if your DNS cache is bad. Has anything changed on your router? Can you reboot that? (I assume that’s where your iMac uses for DNS queries).

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My Roon Server is running on a Mac mini with the current version of macOS 13 “Ventura.” Resetting its DNS cache with

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache
sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

and rebooting indeed did the trick. Thank you!

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