Unable to playback native DSD (Roon Core on QNAP USB to OPPO UDP-205) [Resolved]

So i’m trying to get a native DSD to play. i would send you a screen shot but i’m using an ipad for a controller, not this computer. While playing DSF DSD64 files the signal path reads source dsf dsd64 2 ch, DSD to PCM conversion 352.8khz to 176.4khz, bit depth conversion 64bit float to 24bit, oppo udp-205 roon advanced audio transport, audio distribution,
output analog/digital outputs.
I’ve read about setting the strategies to native DSD but cant find that option on my devise settings.
The core is in a qnap tvs-471 connected to an Oppo udp-205 via a USB into the oppo’s dac input.
Both the core and tablet are running Roon version 1.4(build298).
I’m sure i’m missing something simple here.
Any ideas?

I do not think you will be able to play dsd to the 205 connected to the QNAP core. Native DSD on Linux requires modification to the kernel which I doubt QNAP will do. One of the linux based endpoints may have been upgraded (like the diet pi or the MicroRendu) to work with the Oppo. Alternatively, you could setup a small windows computer and load the Oppo drivers.

I’ll openliy admit to being computer ileterat. That said when i purchased and set up the Qnap, it was under the instructions given within the Roon website. Which read:

“What is the ideal NAS configuration for Roon?
The NAS family we recommend as of mid-2016 is the QNAP TVS-471 with an Intel Core i3 or i5 and 4GB of RAM.”

Are you telling me the information was incorrect?
Is it possible for me to use Roon, without spending additional $700-$1000 every year or so? I dont know what a microrendu or a diet pi is. But the setup and maintenance of roon seems to be becoming more of a hobby than a working platform for enjoying music. Please tell me there is another work around. I did all of this to enjoy DSD, not F around with computers.

Could you make it work by using DoP?
By using DoP you circumvent a kernel limitation while preserving the original DSD stream.

How would i do that? Under connected to core the oppo settings allows dsd over pcm v1.o (dop) but not under the oppo listed under networked.

I am not sure if I can follow. I was talking about a USB connected Oppo (as the topic title states). When you switch your USB connected Oppo to pcm v1.0 (dop), does it actually work?

The networked Oppo is probably in your audio list, as it is also connected to your network. So you can actually ignore and do not need to set it up.

I just searched the community board for your Oppo player (as I don’t have one by myself) and found this post with further information:

and this one:

So i did find an answer to my problem. Thank you Steve. First, the instructions above to make sure the DSD playback strategy is set to DSD over pcm v1.0 was correct. Next, and this is where it was getting confusing, you need to select, with the Oppo remote, input and instruct oppo to use the usb Dac input.