Unable to post in 'sales and trades'

Would it be possible to post in sales and trades please - thank you

You have to create a history of reliable posting here first before that is possible.
Keep making a few posts in various discussions and it will open up.
Most manufacturers forum sites work in a similar fashion.

Oh, ok - I thought this was a community for Roon users.

The Community forum uses the Discourse system - here’s the background on trust levels in the system…

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Thanks for sharing - very helpful to know.

Well, I do have a strange user name granted.

Just thought I would extend my market as eBay may not be as interested in a ROCK NUC for sale as here.

Just need to work on recreate my ‘100% eBay’ rating here then :wink:

@Kfutnik as this is more about the community than the Roon Sofware, I took the liberty of moving your topic to the #roon-community-site category.

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Wow, oh to have such muscles to flex - I can only dream.

So, when I am a bona fide community member, could you move it back? :wink:

I did not move your topic because you don’t have the right trust-level. I moved your topic because it is about not being able to post on a category of the community site. In other words, it is a post about the community site, and and not about the Roon Software.

From your profile it appears that the “Member” badge was awarded 3 days ago. I suspect this should allow you to create a new post in then Sales and Trades category.

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