Unable to recover from a kernel exception

My Roon server runs on a Windows 10 6 core computer with a PNY NVIDIA K2200 video card running the latest NVIDIA driver, in default settings. This system sits on my network with an HDMI connection to a TV monitor (though very rarely used with the monitor) On a regular basis I see the attached. Often Roon will continue working more or less fine, or will become sluggish. I typically access this server via another computer using the windows Remote Desktop Connection tool. It is common to see between 1 to 6 of the warning windows. Closing the warning window shuts down Roon Server.

I’ve used this setup successfully for some time. The only changes have been whatever evil updates microsoft makes, and regular Roon updates. I would estimate I’ve been experiencing this issue for about 60 days or so.

Any ideas about how to address this?

Do you happen to know when your video drivers were updated last? Could that have been when the issues started? The latest drivers sometimes mean the latest bugs.

Probably when I began experiencing the issue, thinking old drivers were the problem. I generally don’t fiddle with video drivers unless necessary, for the reason you note.

This is where Windows can be frustrating, you don’t get control over updates and versions. If you don’t use the video output perhaps try running the Roon sever application headless and use remotes to control it?

As a practical matter that is what happens, though the physical connection remains in place. On occasions, when Roon has misbehaved, I use the tv/server setup to fix things, if it isn’t possible to do it via Remote Desktop Connection. That server is configured to load Roon after booting, so a hard reset will usually fix things, but I try to avoid that because, you know hard resets while windows is running can create it’s own weirdness. That server also stores all of my ripped music.

I may go unplug the connection though, just to try it out.

To be clear I mean running the Roon sever application rather than the server and remote combined. I’m just thinking if it lacks the GUI then no OpenGL interaction? Just a thought.

Upon unplugging the HDMI connection I am reminded that the K2200 card does not have a native HDMI port. I’m using an adapter plugged into a DVI port to accomplish that. Have know idea if that matters. Like I said, that used to work.

I typically control roon via iphone, ipad, or my desktop as running the appropriate apps. I use windows remote desktop only for trouble shooting the server. No idea if this relieves the opengl demands on the server.

As I think about it, I typically leave Roon Server open in full screen mode (even though it is not being viewed on the attached tv monitor. I wonder if that is a factor. I think the reason was so that it would reboot that way if I had to do a reset on the server.

Sorry, I’m perhaps not being as clear as I might. On the Roon download page there’s a choice for Windows. Roon is the full fat version, packing the sever core and the Remote and weighs in at 124MB. There’s also the Roon server application that’s core only and is 64MB. If you’re running full Roon but don’t use the remote, you could try switching to the other.

Thank you. I finally grasp. Excellent suggestion. I will try it out.I loaded the entire fat version simply because I could.

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I could have been more explicit, I hope it improves things :slight_smile:

Yes, if there is no need for a monitor, then run RoonServer. Bypasses all the OpenGL issues completely.

I will report back. Thanks again

Accomplished. So far so good. Restored all settings easily. Configured for auto-run. If there are any ongoing issues I will report back.

This feels like it is probably fixed.

Thank you for the assistance!


Yep. Still fixed. Thanks again for the advice.

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