Unable to remove tags in 1.8 on Albums or Artists

What I meant by “it’s not about you” was in response to your statement “ Am I going to go to Tags to look for funk albums to add to my Funk tag? Not I.” Ok, but maybe some do.

The architectural choice has been made and the answer is “no”.
There is no ownership.
They are linked.
The essential architectural choice that underlies this system since 20 years.

Gotcha, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

When it comes to tags I apply, my rational is not usually based around genre at all. It is a way to express my own connections and then use them.

Lets say I create a Tag called Friday Night Funk, I can tag the Ohio Players “Fire” album, the Bruno Mars track “Uptown Funk”, and the Artist Prince. I can then shuffle all of these together using the Tag. That is extremely powerful.

Also, Tags is one of the few things in Roon that can actually nest. I have created Tag trees four or five layers deep; and the Bookmarked various levels for quick access.

Tags are additive so, really the answer to the users who have lost the OR of the bookmark is to use the inclusiveness of the Tag. They can Tag the various labels and then bookmark the Tag.


Thanks so much for working on this. I appreciate how responsive the Roon team is to feedback.

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This is a great example… had not thought of tagging across albums, artists, and tracks like that!


I’ve been meaning to write up a Tags use case FAQ for ages. They are one feature that I think more people would use if they understood some use cases.


I basically do that in Playlists - not sure I would convert to tags…

I’m really surprised to read that most roon users do not use tags , it’s so convenient and easy to class your own way hundreds of albums.

I’m not. In my all day 1.8 google meet discussions on Wednesday. Most of the users who joined and complained about tags, actually never used them. Many actually n3ver realized 1.7 had Focus.

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I’m another voice asking for the return of “previous fu;nationality”.

I’m obligated again to say how happy I am, overall, with 1.8. I’ve spent a lot of time with it this weekend. I couldn’t be more pleased. The ONLY thing I want is a better search function with both AND and OR functionality.

Regarding tags: I use tags extensively. Almost the entire library is tagged. I’ve found a fairly straightforward way to handle removing tags. The thing is, almost every time I need to remove a tag it’s because I want to change the tag. Click the old tag (in Tags). Find the music in question. Right click. Remove tag. AT THE SAME TIME, click add tag, and make the correction. Kind of gets in a flow. Note that bulk changes are also possible with the same procedure.

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Hi Mike,

I’ve also raised this issue here :- Unable to remove a sub-genre from a Tag in 1.8 - is this a bug?

Which is a different issue, but not sure if this is related to the 1.8 version

@mike there’s a general point I’ve seen floating around the voluminous requests about very specific needs. “You can do that or approximate it with tags.”

Roon user base seems to be lots of relatively hands-off non-tinkerers. And of course the minority of massive library owning, idiosyncratic workflow, highly invested and demanding users…of course it’s impossible to explicitly support a lot of that flexibility without diluting the vision or diverting attention from priorities.

So I haven’t been able to square why when tags, in theory, are capable of basically outsourcing the building of diverse and even radical workflows to the users who need them, that there is so much basic functionality missing from tag management.

Visibility, full bulk editing control (throw in Loved and Banned while you’re at it on that one), the flexibility required in Focus to actually leverage all the tagging that’s present, the list goes on.

I’m still a new user but I’ve run into lots of interesting features that I think I need that are not explicitly supported, that upon further investigation I could implement or approximate myself if only certain basic limitations in tagging were not in the way.

To the point about not a lot of users using tagging… I think we’re talking about a few good reasons why that’s the case. My library would be swimming in tags right now if not for basic limitations that make my implementation of them impractical or impossible. And I wouldn’t be so tempted to make all sorts of specific feature requests outside of tagging, I think.

TLDNR - even if a lot of people don’t use them, doubling down on further developing tagging functionality may pay dividends in both increasing usage and dealing with a whole zoo of other idiosyncratic feature requests.

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great news that previous functionality will be restored. I love the tag feature as it was, thought I must be missing something really obvious when I could no longer just right click to remove a tag from an album.

… and hopefully being able to focus on those track tags (and negate). A great way to filter out bonus tracks on albums.


Feel I need to add my voice here.
Just bring the tags like they were. Fast.
Sorry to be rude, but I feel deeply wronged that they have been removed. I used tags ALL THE TIME.
It’s has if the designers have never used they own product.

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I do something very similar. I have the good fortune to work at home and have what I consider a very nice rig for my desktop listening (based on a pair of ProAc Tablette 10 Signatures). I have tags such as “Meditative” and “Heavy Rotation” which I often shuffle.

I also have tags that I call 1Review - X (X being the appropriate genre. ie., 1Review - Jazz Vibraphone). I use these for placeholders before I move a recording to it’s “permanent” tag home. For instance, if I hear a song I like either with Roon Radio, or just watching TV/Movie, I’ll add the recording to my library, and tag it 1Review -X. Later I’ll listen to it again and determine if I am going to keep it or delete it. If I am going to delete it, I change the tag to Delete. Once a week or so, I’ll do some housekeeping and permanently delete anything tagged Delete.

I completely agree about Tags being addictive. I tag everything as I add it. I’ll also re-tag, or add others as I re-listen, It’s an amazing way to quickly find music that fits my current mood.

This could stem from Team Roon’s need to broaden the number or change out some of the current Beta Testers. Of course saying that and actually making it happen are two different things. People volunteer to Beta Test, but many either don’t follow through with the requirements of testings, or their feedback is difficult to follow and becomes a burden to understand.

Thanks Roon.

I believe this has been resolved.

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