Unable to remove tags in 1.8 on Albums or Artists

Since the upgrade to 1.8, I seem to be unable to remove tags from either Artists or Albums.

Previously in 1.7, Either on the Artist or Album page, I would click the ‘…’, and the list of tags would be displayed, with previously added tags already ticked, which you could remove by clicking the tag again.
However, in 1.8 clicking ‘…’, the existing tags are displayed, but there is no indication it is applied to that artist or Album, and even clicking on the tag which you wish to remove, does not remove the tag.

Overall 1.8 looks great, and is a big improvement. Already looking forward to 1.9 !

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon 1.8
Windows 10 PC for CORE & Remote
Sonos Endpoints


please don’t yell at me, I didn’t do it :slight_smile:

Hamburger menu → Tags → select your Tag → Right click Select your Album → use top bar … selection to remove

You can also multiple select a bunch of albums at once to delete:


Thanks geoB.
I feel this is a massive step backwards, far more work to be able to organise a large music library, which is one of the core features that Roon is attempting to address !
Hoping this feature is returned VERY quickly !!!


Indeed, thanks for the solution.

And +1 for the request to be able to remove a tag with the same menus (anywhere and everywhere) that can be used to add it.

Strange design choice in my view!


Seriously? @support , Is this the only way to remove albums from tags?

That basically breaks the use of tags for me completely.


Wow, I sincerely hope we are all missing an easier way to do this in 1.8.

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This design in 1.8 is a good way to remove multiple members from a single tag. What appears to be missing is an efficient way to remove multiple tags from a single member.

Technically: the multi-selection option by using checkboxes in addition with the save and cancel buttons are missing. Bringing those features back to any tag-context menu would enable us both to identify already assigned tags, and add or remove one or multiple tags at once from any position (album, composer, whatever)

Emotionally: That worked VERY, VERY WELL in previously releases, and I beg the Roon-team to bring it back in further updates. PLEASE !


I agree this can be improved.
But as so often, this is a trade off: adding a tag is now a single click instead of two, no need to click Ok after the checkbox.
Immediate action has advantages for simple use, the check box has advantages in more complex use cases.

I don’t just add 1 tag at a time. Never have. I add multiple tags. So, now I have to engage Add a Tag twice. That is a lot of extra clicks and mouse movements. Aside from the “Add a Tag” bug that exists where you can actually add more than 1 tag.

Having to go to the Tags screen to remove them is pretty ridiculous (aside from the fact there are objects which can have a tag but there is no way to remove it anywhere). Anywhere you edit or add, you should also be able to remove. Image if you had to go to a special “Remove from library” page to remove anything from your library.

Not to mention that Tags in Focus are not even normalized to AND across all objects. Some are still OR. which can cause even more confusion.


And I agreed it needs improvement.

But it’s not about you.
Or about me.
There is a community.

To remove a tag from a track, where that tag may have thousands of tracks, I have to scroll through the thousands of unsorted tracks to find it, select it and remove the tag. Can’t search or sort without losing the ability to remove the tag.

I still can’t find a way to do it. I’ve added an album to a tag. How do I remove the album from that tag if I wanted to? I don’t see a ‘Remove from tag’ option as per an earlier poster’s screenshot.

I’ve found it. So now I have to go to the album in the tag section to remove the tag. Surely removal from a tag should be available from the album view? Everything in 1.8 requires more effort to perform than previous releases. I hope this is an oversight on Roon’s behalf otherwise I’m not convinced any of their developers actually use the product. This must be a beta release? Surely?

I agreed that the current approach needs improving.
But you certainly don’t need to scroll through thousands of tracks if you want to change on album.
Here I opened the Jazz Euro tag that contains nearly a thousand things.
I used the funnel filter and typed Abdullah (Abdullah Ibrahim is from Africa, not Europe), I get one album, and remove it from the tag. In some cases the funnel returns a few hits, but not thousands.

It is not the case that albums have tags, or that tags have albums.
Albums and tags are separate things, and they can be linked.
So that means it should be possible to link them or unlink them from either direction, depending on which is more convenient.
It isn’t now, should be improved, as I said.

(But you don’t have to add snarky comments about the Roon team.)

try that on IOS.

You know what I’m saying. Snarky (not an expression I’m aware of, but I’m guessing It’s derogatory) or otherwise, there doesn’t appear to be much thought gone into UX for the latest release

Appreciate all the feedback we’ve heard on this, everyone.

Most Roon users don’t use tags and we’d like to fix that, but it’s clear the people who do use tags really need a fully-featured tool with the ability to add + remove in bulk.

We hear you. We’re going to restore the previous functionality here, along with the ability to display track tags on the album screen.

Thanks all!


Snarky doesn’t help, I agree. However, the backward direction on important features in 1.8 does show a lack of awareness for the developers. Because I invested in a Nucleus+ a few months back, I will be patient for a while and hope that these features return.