Unable to share FLACs over smb from Macbook Pro to NUC7i3

Hi All.

I’ve setup a ROCK on a NUC7i3 - Have this all working and ROON 1.8 is solid, codecs installed all setup good to go. I’m using a external USB drive for storage.

1 Problem is I cannot share files via smb://rock.local. I can connect and I have even installed the codecs via this method, however I am getting the error

“Items can’t be copied to “Music Collection” because you don’t have permission to read them” when I try and copy to the USB drive.

I have setup the file sharing via system settings and smb. I can also share a folder via .local as a network share via the storage section in ROON settings.

Obviously this has something to do with permissions of the drive - However I have READ & WRITE permissions enabled.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be the problem?


Hi Craig,

Fellow user here. If that external drive is formatted as hfs+, mac journaling, then Linux can read but not write to it. Format the drive as ExFat and it should work.

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Hi Daniel

That worked - Thanks -


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