Unable to ssh to RopieeeXL device

@spockfish Hi, I’ve been enjoying using Ropieeexl on an Allo BOSS device for a few months, although I don’t use it all the time - I have another setup used for my main listening, although actually the quality from the Allo with Ropieee is indistinguishable to my ears from my much more expensive streamer / DAC combination.

However, I noticed today (on the current 2.596 version) that I’m no longer able to ssh into Ropieee. It is probably several weeks since I last tried this but it simply responds with Permission denied, please try again. to the password. I’m assuming that it should still be username / password : root / root as before.

Everything else is working fine - the web interface, playing from Roon and Shairport.

user: root
password: ropieee

That’s it. Just shows how long it was since I last logged in with SSH that I’d forgotten what the password was.

Thanks Marin.

Can I hop on this thread to ask why a person would need to control their Raspberry Pi remotely with SSH?

I will do some digging, certainly. And I’m sure there are all kinds of things a person can do from a programmer’s perspective.

But I’d love to know what a Roon-specific user might use SSH for.

It changed from root a few months or more back

In my case, really just for curiosity, as one doesn’t want to interfere as that could mess up the software horribly. I think that occasionally for debugging reasons, the Ropieee developer has asked people to use ssh to run a few commands to sort out problems with updates. However, for most users, the answer is probably to keep out. I’ve been a long time computer geek and Unix/Linux user and so like to see what is running and how much memory / storage is being used.

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thanks, yeah, I’ve done some web app development in the past, but I tend to be a “don’t break what’s working” kind of guy.

How to enable SSH in Ropieee XL?

The current version of RoPieee does not support SSH. If you need SSH access, you may find DietPi or similar a better option for you.

This is a complete DEAL BREAKER for me. I have written a simple Python script that checks the bit depth and sample rate from ALSA and sends that periodically as an encoded single byte to a USB serial device which then decodes the information and sets RGB LEDs to indicate this information. This works well with Moode, Volumio etc and is a good simple visual indicator of bit-depth/sample-rate.

I can edit the SD card directly but have written install scripts which make life much easier.

Looks like my dalliance with Ropieee will be short lived :frowning:

Sorted - found the module where it was disabled and figured out how to enable.


Brian, how did you enable SSH? My audio device has settings which can only be configured via the alsa mixer, and the only way I know to do that is via SSH…


the newer Ropieee (NG) releases dont support SSH at all including the XL varaint.

How did you enable SSH?
Can I edit some file on SD card?
My plan was to downclock/undervoltage Pi, to reduce the head a little bit. Pi is not doing much anyway.

Not enabling SSH on Ropieee is really strange decision, can’t see the reasons why to do that.

It is root/ropieee

I can see the possible reasons (likely too many requests for support coming from using that capability?), but I find the decision to remove ssh support (as well as Bluetooth connectivity) to be things that break the usefulness of this otherwise great system. I guess I need to figure out how to make my own Roon endpoint on a RaspberryPi and migrate my endpoints off of Ropieee. Ugh.

Go DietPi, if your tinkering itch needs scratching…

Am trying out moOde … i was able to configure to support ssh and Bluetooth connectivity. I’ll give it a try for a few weeks to see how stable it is and go from there.1