Unavailable Focus for streaming services

As we all know, both Tidal and Qobuz remove albums often sometimes its permanent sometimes its just to add a new version. Whatever the reason this leaves Roon with an album in your library that is useless and tracks show as being unavailable. I have had this a lot of late and you only find this out when you navigate to the album to play it.

I suggest it would be very helpful to add in a status option to allow to focus on unavailable tracks/albums in your library to aid with some library clean up and so the user can check if they can be replaced or not.


+1 from me. This would be a very useful tool.



I would also add “Unidentified”.
EDIT: Just realized I can double click “Identified” (pouring coffee now).

Here’s a reason Roon needs something like this. Over 1000 files have been deleted most likely from Qobuz changes.

Why can’t Roon list what’s being deleted or as I have suggested search for unavailable. Given that Roons USP is its unique integration and such a deep database you would think it should be able to query for this.