Unavailable Tidal tracks

Old issue and late comment but for the record: Some labels have a hobby of doing take-downs and then put the content back up again a day later. Sometimes to redeliver with updated metadata. Sometimes for…well, looks like no reason for us but might just be an error. We are in the hands of labels on what they put up on the service and some are more professional than others. It’s just the way is. :wink:

Nearly the same issue - Tidal returns lots of albums from ECM records where all the tracks are Unavailable. Is there a way to identify these and stop them showing up?
(I would love ECM to be available, but I don’t think they currently stream on any service)

Unfortunately, we get two different criteria for an album from TIDAL – whether we can display it, and whether we can stream it. We don’t have any choice about following these rules, and when an album is shown but can’t be streamed in Roon, you’ll generally see the same thing in TIDAL’s apps.

We’ve all been frustrated about the ECM catalog too, but not a lot we can do here unfortunately.

What about when it can be streamed in the Tidal app. But not with Tidal in Roon?

i usw the Tidal App to organize my Playlists. Very often the whole list is unavailable.
I can play the Songs when i go to the Album. But in the list they are unavailable.
Does anyone have similar issues?

@bigj if you have a link, we can take a look.

@cuco – can you be a little more specific. Exact steps to reproduce the issue would be helpful.

Make sure you both let us know what country you’re in, as well. Thanks!

Hey mike,
it is very simple. My todal Playlists are very often unavailable. as you can see here:

But when i click on the Album itsself all the tracks are available. For example Mumford and sons - Johannesburg:

The list abouve tells me it is unavailable. and this is with nearly every Playlist i made in tidal. sometimes when i Change a few Songs the tracks that are available for me Change. Once it helped to logg off. But the last few times it didnt.
If you Need further informations please contact me! We can also have some remote Support sessions or stuff like this.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @cuco ---- My apologies for the inconvenience here. I’d like to try and get this straightened out for you but need to gather some information from you first. Please see below. Thanks!

  1. The screen grab you provided of a playlist that is having the issue, can you please confirm if this playlist was created within Tidal or Roon?

  2. Are you having the same issue when listening to music from this playlist in Tidal? Can you confirm if it will or will not play in Tidal?

  3. The song “Colours” by Roosevelt. How did you obtain this track? Added to your collection via Tidal? Purchased from Tidal? Or Imported into roon from your personal collection?


hey Eric,
thanks for the quick reply. FYI i am from Germany. So here the answers:

  1. Created in Tidal
  2. Never like this. Sometimes at work a few songs do not work, but normally they work at home or always on my iphone.
  3. It is added it in Tidal to my tidal playlist.

In general i make my playlists in Tidal, cause i use the Tidal App on my iPhone for offline Music. Does Roon sync back Playlists? Or when i create new ones, are they als created on tidal? Never tried it.


You can play a Tidal playlist in Roon, but if you want to edit it at all you have to make a local copy. You can edit that local copy in Roon but it doesn’t sync back to Tidal and you can’t save it back to Tidal. Neither are new Roon playlists saved to Tidal.

Has there been any progress made on this issue?

I’m bumping this request, because now that Qobuz is around, roon could try to find it there before giving up.
This “unavailable” error is most annoying while playing playlists.
Even some Tidal playlists created by themselves are getting unavailable tracks.

My issue is i am a Tidal customer and The Tidal app is playing the tracks/albums that are not awailable in the Roon app. This leads to track skipping in my Roon playlists.
This should be solved at programming level soo we do not need to waist time trying to micro manage this ourself.

In my case the playlist ive made within Roon starts skipping tracks after a while… …ive been a Tidal and Roon customer for a year.
Those tracks and the albums they belong to are then not playable within the Roon app, but my phone and computer can still play the tracks/albums from the Tidal app.
Yes i have a good wired connection… my rig works fine.
This should be solved at programming level… with autoupdate/rescan fix for links that are broken. Because micro managing this is time consuming and seldom works for me. … … with that i mean deleting unplayable tracks and reinstalling them into the playlists. (this sometimes work)

Well ive tried recanning several times as you suggested and it seems not to work forme. This was actually the first thing i found as a problem solver, when reading about the issue. But this should be an automatic thing continously going on in roon at programming level … rescan fix/ there should be a flag prosedure for tracks that skips and then Roon scanning activates and reconnect the broken link in some way automaticly.

well Jim i did get a recommendation from another person, and i did not see the date before you told me…
obviosly this issues are still not solved… and if you could be soo kind to point in the right direction instead of just asking why, … it would be awsome.