Unboxing Chord 2go

Opened the box.
Took out the 2go.
Attached the 2go to the Hugo2.
Told it the WiFi password, using the Chord GoFigure app.
Roon saw the device, I enabled it,
Hit play.
Works fine.
(Oh, you want a review? It removed a veil from the music, deeper blacks, clarity, bla bla, bla…)


Only one veil? Rubbish.


Is it worth the price upgrade from a mojo/poly. I found that combo new for 600.

Don’t know the mojo, had the Hugo 2 already.
Sold on the tech upgrade, have become a Chord fan, have other devices.

Why did I get the 2go?
I have already written about hooking the Hugo2 up to the iPad which I need anyway for UI. Works great.
I have other fixed headphone rigs, I use the Hugo2 because it’s portable, battery powered, I can use it on the deck, in the back yard, walking around the house.
But I also anticipate travel use, in hotels etc.
The 2go appealed because it is self contained, untethered from the iPad, very neat. Also includes micro-SD playback and built-in Tidal and Qobuz when I’m away from Roon,

Ok, this is all BS.
Needed a little retail therapy in these difficult times.
And it is neat. I’m fond of neat tech.


Are you going to get the 2yu as well?

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Don’t think so.
In the living room, I have an M-Scaler + TT 2 driving the (notoriously difficult-to-drive) Hifiman Susvara, a stunning system. It is connected to a MicroRendu. I could use a 2yu instead, but then I would need another 2go because this one is connected to the Hugo2, it would be a costly addition and I am sceptical of the sound quality effect of streamers.

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That is some headphone set up . Awesome

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Thanks for making me even more confident that the 2Go will be a great addition to my setup. Unfortunately, due to the worldwide situation, availability in my country is postponed with the distributor not clear when a shipment will come in.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good reliable dealer with stock of the 2Go that would ship internationally?

Yes, but then you’d have shipping costs & our ridiculous prices out here. Retail I see that’s AUS$ 2200. It’s approx 900pounds in the UK?

I bought from Todd the Vinyl Junkie, ttvjaudio.com.
Don’t know about international.

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It’s leaps and bounds above Poly. I should know because I owned 2 Polys, having recently sold the second one…

Close enough. £995

Although I love the concept and I like Chord as a company, my MojoPoly was an absolute clusterf÷@k for me. I had wireless connection issues up the wazoo which I never had before. For Chord to release a product like that was perplexing for me. I will stay away from any wifi/streaming Chord products as that is not their forte…

I had the same thought process until I tried a friend’s 2Go. It’s a completely different beast.

I even ended up buying one, which has now become my main way of enjoying music through Roon.


My 2go is in the mail to me, eagerly awaited. Just the thing for when you need to move your listening setup as you get ousted from room to room by family during this “isolated together” time.

Glad to hear that the setup went smoothly!


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Moon audio has always treated me excellent.


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Same here, just when I think my Poly is stable, it starts dropping connection to my network. I even moved every other wireless device that uses 2.4GHz onto the 5GHz band, so Poly is the only one on 2.4GHz, it still randomly drops connection and disappears from the network for moments before re-appearing. Incredibly annoying.

@AndersVinberg, how are you finding the 2go a few weeks on? Any of the reported problems - pop/clicks, connection drops etc. I am considering this as an alternative to using usb out my computer into the Hugo2.

Also, anyone compared the 2go with any of the established streamers / roon bridges?

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I have had no problems with hiccups.

I turn it off when not in use, of course, to preserve battery. And then it disappears from Roon’s list of zones, of course. When I turn it on again, it normally appears as a Roon zone within seconds. But once or twice I did not, maybe it would have if I had waited, but I got impatient and went to Settings/Audio and clicked on it and it came back.

Compare with a MicroRendu? Both work flawlessly. The 2go is battery powered and portable, useful for a portable DAC like the Hugo 2, I use the MicroRendu for the Hugo TT 2 which is not portable. If I didn’t already have the MicroRendu would I get the 2go + 2yu instead of the MicroRendu? Probably because of flexibility and future-proofing.

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