Uncertified Roon Ready devices announcement

Can I ask how you have the SA30 connected within the Roon system? Is it showing as an AirPlay device, or as an uncertified Roon Ready device?

That had zero bearing on my decision to purchase the arcam - I was barely aware of roon at that point. On the other hand, trialling roon on the arcam worked great and drove my decision to sign up for a subscription. In this case roon have benefited from allowing uncertified devices to operate, only to switch position once the cash is in their bank.


uncertified Roon Ready. It is also available as a Other Network device as a Chromcast Streaming and also via Airplay. Those will not support the high resolution files and MQA from Tidal and my library. If they do, I don’t know how to set them up properly. Only using the Arcam under Roon Ready, uncertified gives me up to 24/192 and MQA.


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Right. I understand that Roon Ready is clearly the way you want to go. I would hope that Arcam are working hard with Roon Labs to get the SA30 properly certified. I notice that now on Arcam’s website, they have changed “Roon Ready” to “Roon Endpoint” (not the same thing at all) in the SA30’s specs, and that there is no mention of Roon at all in the SA30’s online manual.

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Some manufacturers claim Roon has been dragging their feet during the certification process. Roon isn’t telling you the whole story. They are only assigning blame on others. There are two sides to the story.

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The Roon Lifetime debacle was a mess, but this action I 100% agree with. If “Roon Ready” is to mean anything, manufacturers need to stop playing the system. Your beef is with them, not Roon.


We had to draw the line somewhere, and September 21st is where we drew it. I guess this is just a side effect given the success of the program.

Well sorry, but i don’t appreciate your doing anyway
You could at least let all the devices currently in the making leave in and draw the line for new models. But no, you are eager to kick some customers in the ass. I think you are well aware that that is not the fault of the customer, but you are doing it anyway. Why would you do that?
Why are you applying pressure to your partners through your customers?



What? This is your speculation at best, and malice at worst. Cite your sources. If you can show me a statement by a vendor who says we are dragging on, I’m happy to name and shame them. This is nonsense.

There aren’t 2 sides to this story. If we didn’t certify the unit, it’s not certified. If we didn’t certify it, we had a problem with it. If they don’t like our result, they are not required to certify, but they shouldn’t advertise or sell it as certified.


Also worth noting that in the UK it is illegal to make a claim in an advert that is not true. If it is not true that a product is Roon Ready, then it is illegal to claim that it is.


At least here is a statement, a SDP 55 User got from JBL

Thank you for your inquiry.

Just so you are aware, Roon is doing the certification, not as they state, the Manufacturer. Roon has had our SDP-55 for certification since the release of the product 7 plus months ago. This situation is completely out of our hands.


Donald B. Jacobs
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Even knowing absolutely nothing of the situation that response is hilarious. Does this guy genuinely think that they just send off their device and certification comes back, no questions asked? He expects his customer to swallow that?

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Does it matter?
Roonlabs are the ones who dragged the users into this, not JBL.
Yeah, i completely understand the reasons for the move, but the move itself is stupid. Roonlabs is well aware, they are dragging their customer in the middle of a bitch fight, between them and their “partners”


very strange… I just checked with our team and we do not have this unit in-house.

Our team tells me that they will be in contact with Harman to find out when this unit will be arriving.


Perhaps you should survey all your Roon “partners” and find out for yourself. Again, is Roon blameless in this certification debacle? You haven’t delayed certifications, made mistakes, had resource issues, been late providing feedback?

I have only had dealings with NAD and Bricasti regarding Roon support. I can’t speak for them and won’t quote them but they certainly weren’t enamored with Roon’s support and communications. And I saw a quote from a dealer on a forum yesterday that he has spoken to several manufactures about their dissatisfaction and frustrations dealing with your seemingly blameless company.

To be honest by your own admission you let this issue linger for 1-2 years and now the end user is paying the price for your leadership’s inability to get the problem solved.


thank you!

I believe those guys still don’t get it that the ever more dominating model for distributing and consuming music by digital streaming is software-driven rather than by pushing big shiny boxes as in the past. Whoever can build the best model and product for seamlessly streaming will win. And there won’t be a place for dozens of competing hardware vendor-driven systems, either.


2 years ago, we would be in the same situation. End users would be affected then too.

Just don’t dissable it and it should work.

JBL dragged themselves and their customers into it by shipping a Roon Ready device, that isnt. JBL screwed their customers by lying to them.


You are wrong!
Srsly i get the problem and i understand the urge to do something about it and you seriosly have to!
But THIS WAY is wrong. whitelist the models in the process and don’t let a new device in, until it is certified. in that way it is clear for everyone and you don’t offend the users caught in the middle, like me. I can tell you i am ■■■■■■ like hell at roon about this.