Uncertified Roon Ready devices announcement

Thanks so much for the clarification, @brian. All the best.

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It was @danny who posted the clarification above… Anyway, kudos to all the team!

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Please clarify this statement - “If you are currently playing to ANY device successfully, you WILL NOT LOSE ACCESS TO THAT DEVICE ON SEPTEMBER 21.” I have a Roon Ready Uncertified device (Bricasti M3). So are you saying I can disable and reenable it after September 21st and it will still work on my current iMac Roon server? I can install Roon (which is my plan) on a new NUC and remove it from my iMac and still be able to use the new NUC Roon server and enable the Bricasti M3 on this new Roon NUC server?

If the equipment is working fine in Roon, and advertised as Roon Ready there should be no impediment to certified compliance. Just because it works in one situation does not mean it will work in all situations, thus the need of the certification associated with the Roon Ready moniker.

If a manufacturer does not want to be subjected to the certification process there is no obligation to sign the agreement, and advertise Roon Ready. It really comes down to a quality issue. I work with calibration we go through great pains to be certified through an accrediting body (great pains). Eighty percent of our customers do not want to pay the fee associated with an accredited calibration. However, if we were not accredited we would loose probably seventy percent of our customers. Those who get non-accredited calibrations know we live up to a high standard, and are capable. Those that need to be 100% sure it is what it says it is, and might have to prove it pay for the accredited calibration. I believe it’s the same for Roon and their levels of certification.


Danny, why doesn’t a change of this scope get emailed to all subscribers? Having to discover this is the forum seems… indifferent on Roon’s part.


We emailed everyone affected.


@danny. Just to clarify. If I’m not seeing a pink “uncertified “ sign next to my devices I’m good to go?

Sounds like a good thing? If you’re going to have standards you need to enforce them. Otherwise, what’s the point?

I just hope roon is big enough and important enough to drop the big hammer and make anyone notice.

Also, hope they are talking to Denon+Marantz for the masses.

I’m impressed you pulled all the user data to determine who will be affected… But you have no way of knowing what might use in the next two weeks. I guess my question should have been worded “Why not notify everyone by email?”.

You don’t need to answer. I read your response.

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Not to pile on, but how did you know who would be affected?


Danny, I just pinged one of the members in my Roon User group. Please see the attached screenshot.image

Does this apply to networked devices only?

For example, my Core is on a sonicTransporter i9. I have an iMac in my home office that is connected to a Schiit Bifrost DAC via USB. That DAC’s USB interface is listed as an “Unidentified Device”. It’s not pink. So, will that Bifrost DAC continue to work fine? Would any DAC connected to the iMac via USB work fine?

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They have submitted stuff to us, and I’m hoping they will be certified soon, but I can’t promise anything.

No, you can not do that. However if you take a backup of your roon database on the Mac and restore it on RoonOS, you will be able to migrate the current state. You can avoid all this by upgrading to RoonOS before Sept 21.


Hard to say… But if we don’t enforce it, it’ll undermine the program’s trust and that’ll result in failure.


It only applies to uncertified Roon Ready devices. There are networked devices affected and networked devices that are unaffected. It has nothing to do with networking.

The certification check happens on our cloud services since the configuration is pulled from there. It’s how we can certify devices without software updates.


So this only affects the endpoint side of things yes?

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I’m not sure I understand @Mark_Hyland … what is the alternative?

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Ok…how about answering the question about DACs connected to an iMac acting as a zone?

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Not effected they are not uncertified Roon Ready.

Imagine how successful Roon could be if they had someone to handle PR professionally, effectively and communicative(ly).