Underscores show SOME of the time

I have odd albums that the undesrcores show within Roon, but have others named this way and they show as expected.

Two questions:

  1. WHY?
  2. How can I resolve this, I’d prefer not to have to edit the oddball files/folders.


In the example you give the album is “unidentified” by roon. Roon will just use the track titles in your tags (with underscores) because it doesn’t know what else to use. I am guessing that your other albums have been identified by roon in which case it displays track titles (without underscores) from its own databases.

You can try getting a manual identification by clicking on “unidentified” (under date added in your example). Roon will present a list of options, one of which which may fit your album. Often roon will fail to auto-identify because there are minor discrepancies in track lengths. Roon will also fail to identify if you have a poorly tagged album in the first place. I notice that you don’t seem to have the artists tagged, and the album title is cut off so it is not even clear if roon even knows what the album title is. Roon needs some basic tags like these so it can make a match in it’s database. Sometimes you may need to tag the record label and catalog number. But my experience is that roon will often get an identicfication with surprisingly little starting information. Classical is different. Many on this forum experience a lot of challenges with Classical.

It is also possible that roon simply doesn’t have your album in it’s databases. This happens often with very new recordings, vinyl rips and more specialist repertoire. In that case, there isn’t much option but to manually edit the tracks to your liking. Good taggers will do this in one batch operation. I use mp3tag and have batch edited these sorts of changes over entire directories of 1000’s of CD’s in the past.

Cheers! I’ll give that a try.

Good spot @Tony_Casey. Thanks.

Tony, sorry for the long delay in responding - family emergencies seem to take priority over music :slight_smile:

You were quite right, and a bit of intelligent bludgeoning got Roon to identify the album correctly.