Understanding Play Counts

I have a question about how Roon treats play counts. If I enter Tracks–>Focus–>Jazz + Qobuz, -Played (ie, Qobuz Jazz tracks i’ve never played), i see a list of ~170 tracks:

however, if begin with Albums, and use the same focus criteria, i see zero results:

how is that possible?

If even 1 track has been played on an album, then it counts as if the album has been played.

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good to know. i’m not sure if that’s the case with every album here, but will check.

It was the case for me when I just tested it. :smiley: But, I am sure you have a larger data set to work with. I don’t add a lot of streamed sources to my library. So for my tests I had to go Pop/Rock and not jazz because that had the most at 14 albums not played. I then played single tracks from 3 of them, and they fell off the focus.

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yes, seems to be the case here as well.

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