Understanding roon backup files

Hi the attached screenshot shows the roon back files i see where Roon saves them. I’m confused which one would be the most recent and am hoping someone on the community can help me

You can see the top folder where they are stored is call “roonbackup” and then there is a file called roon_backup_root and then a folder with name starting “b00c…”

There is then a 2nd folder called “roonbackups” which then has a file called “roon_backup” and another file called "roon_backup_root and then a folder with name starting “b00c…”

I’m hoping someone can tell me if this structure is 1) what i should expect to see and the 2nd folder called “roonbackups” might be where roon automatically keeps older backup files or 2) if the 2nd folder call “roonbackups” might be something i inadvertently created sometime when i set up roon and i can delete it

This is what you should expect to see, but don’t bother with trying to figure it out.

Instead, use Roon’s Backup function to view and select your Backup files.

Settings > Backups > Scheduled Backups > View > “3 dots” menu > Clean/restore.

This looks to me like you created a backup location in a backup location (AFAIK there should be only one _roon_backup_root_). I would put that messed-up folder away and start with a blank/fresh backup location. Should you have more than one automatic backup setup to use the location, don’t do that. If you want to create manual backups from time to time, please use a different location and don’t try to put that in the same location already used by the automated backup.