Unequal Ethernet runs?

I’m fairly certain the answer is “no”, but I wanted to ask anyway.

I currently have Ethernet running from my router to my ROCK and to my streamer. Two separate lines. Working great.

Thinking it would be better though to have the NUC not sitting right next door to the streamer if I can help it, so would it be OK to put the NUC next to the router, less than a meter (which is more convenient anyway), while the Ethernet line from my router to the streamer remains the same (12 feet).

The speed of light being what it is, I doubt it’s possible to hear a “delay” even if something like that exists. But I like to learn. :slight_smile:


short answer: you will not hear any delay difference by using a shorter run.

longer answer depends on the protocol you are using to talk to your streaming… is it roon ready or roon bridge? or is it airplay? chromecast? etc…

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Streaming is a Roon Ready 851N from Cambridge Audio.

The speed of electricity in a wire is slower than the speed of light in a vacuum, but still plenty fast :wink: .

I’ve had my endpoints and servers in multiple places within my home over the last few years. Shortest cable was 3 foot, longest run was 100 feet of multiple cables. Never noticed a difference, nor would I expect to. As long as your cables are made to spec, you’re not going to notice a change.

Roon Ready will send the data faster than the audio will play, so there is always a buffer in the endpoint that is full, and the clock on the DAC should be driving how fast it plays. The ethernet’s speed or latency is irrelevant in how the audio is played because the clock in your DAC is driving the timing, and the buffer is filled faster than “audio time”.

Another thing to note about ethernet, even if your cables are not to spec, or even if they are slightly “broken”, the audio will come out as “good” or very obviously “bad”, but it will not come out somehow diminished. The “bad” will manifest itself as clicks, pops, or periods of silence. It will not require a discerning ear to notice.

All the fidelity talk about ethernet cables has to do with electrical issues affecting analog stages of your system. None of that is related to latency or data rates.

Thanks SO much to everyone who responded. It’ll be nice to move my NUC and its power cord away from my equipment.

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