Unexpected behavior when removing (Tidal) album from library


I often browse through some Tidal album listings and add the ones I plan on giving a try to my library.
At a later point, I pick the album from my library and hit the “play now” button to play it.
Sometimes I decide after a few tracks, that I will listen to the complete album, but don’t need it in my library anymore.
When I remove the album from the library at this point, playback immediately stops and all the album tracks are removed from the play queue.

This behavior is kind of unexpected - in my opinion playback and the play queue should be left untouched by the removal action, since it’s obviously not necessary to have a “streamed” album in the library to play it in the first place.

Any thoughts?


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It would be great.

Qobuz does exactly the same.
I was surprised too the first time it happened but just shrugged and accepted it as the way Roon works.

Maybe it should not exhibit this behavior?