Unhappy with Build 923, want to revert to Build 918

No software development in general would be possible at all, if the digital output of the program code would vary based on the overall CPU or RAM usage of the system in any given time.

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How would you know what an audiophile’s ‘Reference Excel’ looks like…

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@ARUP_GOSWAMI1 what do you consider “long-term”? and, what is your criteria of a “reference system[s]”?

Genuinely interested mate.

“I’m annoyed that Microsoft has added so much extra features to the latest version of Excel. The earlier version used to keep my accounting numbers in balance, but the latest version is so resource hungry, that with my highly tuned accountant vision I can clearly see my spending figures increasing on their own in the sheets!”


It so nice to finally know that I no longer am an Audiophool…


I stop reading when someone says, “I am an audiophile.”


You have to have a resolving enough system
Trained ears
30 years in Hi-Fi
Wife came in and fell over at the difference and she hates music
Etc etc.


I have lately been thinking that there are audiophiles and audiophools and no, they are not the same… I like a well-recorded and great sounding album as much as most of us, but the self-important foolery about reference systems, golden ears and ‘minute’ details and differences brought about by Voodoo and money just seems to me intolerable.


@ARUP_GOSWAMI1, you should post pictures of your system in this thread.

Everyone here, myself included, likes to see HiFi porn.


Hi @Jim_F,

Didn’t get to read your reply as I had to leave for a moment. But in the meantime I was made aware by a watchful mod that I had quoted you wrongly, giving the quoted text another meaning altogether. Just wanted to make sure you know that it was an error without any intention to attack you or show you in the context of this banter in bad light. I am sorry if my wrong quote has upset you.


On your core

A little off topic but on topic anyway.

Today I powered on my system and the sound was completely different, and I could not understand what was the change that Roon upgrade has done, it passed from a very engaging and clear sound to a lifeless and thin with lack of everything.

This was crazy, I only updated roon and did not listen to audio before. This was bugging me a lot.

Then I found the bug on the problem, my kid had disconnected two power cables on my system, two audioquest Hurricanes, and then connected two out of the box 2 euro cables, I was thinking these Roon guys are messing with me and completely destroyed my sound, It really was my kid messing with me…

What to say, about it…. Kids have their own sense of humor and creativity on their pranks.

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I tried this, but she hit me with a pair of Sony MDR-R10’s closely followed by my Woo WA-33’s. :innocent:


As a veteran with years of experience you should know that the human hearing is not a fixed given. It changes from day to day, hour to hour. Also the way you experience music emotionally is influenced by so many factors that far outweigh the possibility that this new build has brought sonic changes.

Spend some more time listening to it, you will most likely find it sounds the same. If not, it would probably be better practice to troubleshoot other aspects of your system.


Indeed - as time passes by, one begins to slowly accept what he’s given. ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ and thats how it goes. Thank you for your post as there’s a lot of truth in it. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to troubleshoot for me towards the system as I await what Roon comes up with in their next build.

I eagerly await the native silicon release, as I am led to believe it will put the Sonic in the Hedgehog.


Sounded great before, sounds great now.
Worked great before, Works great now… Just exploring the changes.
Thanks for the upgrades

I have iPhone crash issues now……
and pause delay playback issues

Maybe give the core a reboot, update sometimes not totally swipe out old stuff in cache or memory, old version may interference with newly updated one, just give it a try, no harm.


“Night and day difference”
“It sounded like suddenly the curtains got lifted”

And offcourse the good ol’:
“I am a professional software developer myself”


Surely that should be ‘it will pull the Sonic out of the hedgehog’? Stuffing it into one is going to lead to definite muffling that even a ‘highly revealing’ system would struggle with :wink:

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