Unidentified album with excellent Discogs metadata

I’ve just acquired the album below, which has very detailed metadata on Discogs:

However, Roon can’t find it, even with extensive tweaking of the search fields. This is unfortunate, because the album’s label, Clean Feed, seems to upload very detailed metadata to Discogs:

At the time being, Discogs isn’t a metadata provider for Roon. You can search for the album at the sites of allmusic.com or musicbrainz.org.

That’s not the point. I know well about the other sources and use them as much as possible. The point is that (as I just wrote on another thread), Roon metadata sourcing is sadly deficient for new releases from independent labels. This is something Roon should be trying to do something about, Discogs or not. Just for example, here’s the junk that allmusic.com offers for one of my recent acquisitions:

This kind of barely useful metadata record is typical for the small independent labels that make much of my fast-growing collection.

Thanks for the link! I had tried playing with Musicbrainz Picard several years ago before I was using Roon, but not recently. I went through the exercise of adding one of the recent marginally identified albums I mentioned (Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania) to test the workflow and see how Roon picks it up later. To be honest, I can’t see doing this for my rather considerable unidentified/marginally identified backlog, it just takes too long (30 minutes to get everything filled in to Musicbrainz’s satisfaction) even with the help of Picard and the Add Cluster as Release plugin. I’ll try to do new ones if Roon picks up this one well.

Update: 2nd metadata upload went faster, looks like I may be able to keep with my acquisitions.

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If the album is in Discogs you can use the Discogs metadata to prepopulate the data in MusicBrainz Add Release form, and then it is simply a matter of briefly checking the data and pressing Submit. Using Albunack you can browse by album artist a combined MusicBrainz/Discogs list of albums so its quite easy to see Discogs albums that are not in MusicBrainz and then you can import a Discogs release into MusicBrainz as explained in this video - https://youtu.be/dpCg0OIpuWY

Albunack may be a couple of months behind MusicBrainz/Disocgs so it won’t show the very latest data but in most cases this is not an issue.

Hope this helps.


I didn’t knew this was possible.
Great :+1:link

This is brilliant - thanks for the Link