Unidentified Device

I have a new installation of Ropieee 235 on Raspberry pi with Audiophonics ES9028Q2m.
I get Unidentified Device in Device setup in Roon and Fixed volume even when Device volume is set.

Identifier 5b60dc863adfa443 sent.

How can I fix this?

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Besides the identification… does it work?

Hi Harry.

It wasn’t ment that you should deal with this in the weekend.

I have the Sabre DAC connected to 400w power amps and I don’t want to turn them on an possiby blow the speakers with Device Volume selected since it’s stuck in Fixed Volume. I guess fixe volume is 100%.

I have played with DSP volume and power amps on and it works.

Thanks a lot for your time


I don’t think this is a Ropieee concern.

Unidentified Device simply means Roon can’t find your device in its database and you will have to set up the device manually.

In the device setup you posted, you have ‘Device Volume’ which what you want if you want to control volume from the device.

Since you don’t have a volume control, then you want ‘DSP volume’ in your device setup, which will let you set volume from within Roon.

I have 400 wpc monos also. My DAC is also a preamp, i.e. it has volume control. I use device volume which displays a ‘Fixed Volume’.

Since you don’t have DAC/peamp, but want a volume control outside of Roon you can try something like this -

OK, then you’re good to go, right?

Hi Slim.

Thanks for your help.

I have used setup below (Link below) över a year with DietPi with no problems using Device Volume in Roon.
I gett Lossless all the way. Signal path is from the DietPi setup.

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If i use DSP i don’t get Lossless.

My plan is to also have a 7 inch screen and a remote control.
Then Ropieee seems like a good choice.

Hi again Slim.

Forgot to mention.
The Sabre DAC board i’m using is selectable in Ropieee.

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Greetings Klas -

Not to beat a dead horse any further, but since I don’t have any direct experience with Ropieee I’m not sure what you are saying.

Are you saying that one can control device volume from within Ropieee even if one doesn’t have a volume control on the device? I don’t see that in the Ropieee website. Otherwise, I don’t understand how you can control device volume without a hardware volume control.

Also, just because Ropieee recognizes your DAC doesn’t mean that Roon does. The ‘Unidentified Device’ in Roon’s display just means that the DAC device isn’t in Roon’s database. It doesn’t mean the DAC capability is in anyway crippled.

If you specify ‘Device Volume’, as you have, then Roon displays ‘Fixed Volume’ meaning the volume is fixed in Roon and controlled by device. Probably something you don’t want’

AFAIK, the only way to control volume from within Roon is by using DSP and yes, you won’t get the best SQ.

If you don’t want to enlighten me any further then feel free to ignore my questions.

Happy Holidays.

BTW - I notice your previous DAC, the Audiophonics, had an optional physical volume control.

Hi Slim.

Just of curiosity I put the Ropieee micro SD card in my RPi Allo Boss DAC setup in my garage.
It worked like a charm with ’Device Volume’ selected.
I had no problems adusting the volume with Roon.

I might be into deep water here but I think the volume control in Roon controls the ALSA mixer in the Ropieee Linux distribution as well as DietPi.

Happy holidays Slim and everyone else reading this…

Ho, Ho, Ho

I second @xxx suggestion, you need a passive pre-amp/volume limiter in the chain… I‘d never 100% trust a software volume control, as the chance of blowing something up is just too high.

wrt the audiophonic part: they don’t play ‘nice’ with their driver. This means that RoPieee does not have their native driver but uses the Hifiberry driver to enable their device. This could be the problem.

I orginally had their driver separately shipped, but I stopped doing that as it is very cumbersome.

I am also using an AUDIOPHONICS DAC with the Sabre ES9028Q2M and I have the same problem with the volume limits on Roon.
Are you saying you will not be supporting their DAC any longer?

I support the DAC, but only with the Hifiberry driver.