Unidentified: Gillian Welch - Official Revival Bootleg

This album should probably be identified, but isn’t.

Ok for me. I’ve had it (Tidal version) in my library for some time though. If you try and manually identify are you presented with the album as an option?

Got it! Thanks for pushing me to try the manual option (again) :slight_smile:

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I’m surprised you needed to though. Seems a straightforward enough match.

I have many, many instances of this, one of the things I’d like to see Roon do is try to identify unidentified albums in the background as its metadata improves through Valence. Possibly it’s happening already, but it’d be useful to know whether or not this is the case or whether a periodic Focus on unidentified and triggering re-identification is required at the user end.

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Yes, it’s a bit late now, but we should have tried a re-identify first. I think that’s what’s supposed to happen every now and again in the background.

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