Unloved Albums - How to View/Filter?

Hello Rooners, I have a UI question about the Love (heart) button. Here’s my understanding:

  • On album view, you can click the Plus (+) button, which then turns into a Love (heart) button
  • When clicking the Love (heart) button twice, it turns into Unloved (crossed out heart) status

So here are my questions:

  • Is there a way to view/filter for Unloved albums? (like there is for Loved albums)
  • What is the consequence of Unloved albums, e.g. for the recommendations engine?

Thanks much for your insights.

Try focus > inspector > banned

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That’s it, thanks BrianW.

BTW, banned albums and tracks will not get played by Roon Radio. And if an album contains banned tracks, then they are also skipped over if you play the Album…

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Thanks much, Geoff. That makes sense.