Unmerging identified compositions

It is very common that a single variation, prelude, etude, incidental music, even entire movements are more famous that the parent multi part work or book of works. Debussy’s “La fille aux cheveux de lin” is a good example. It is prelude No. 8 in the Book 1 of 12 preludes. In “academic” style CD’s all 12 preludes are often played but in “recital style” CD’s it is common that only one or two of the more famous ones will be played.

To cater for these cases multiple canonical names are being maintained by rovi/allmusic

The problem is that once roon has ID’d a composition against one or the other I cannot see how I can move the composition if I think roon has got it wrong. So in this Janos Starker recital, there is a very nice Cello transcription of La fille aux cheveux and I want to group it against the single “L. 125/8 (117/8)” composition rather than the complete 12 prelude book composition “L. 125 (117)”. Roon has grouped the track against the complete book of 12 preludes and now I cannot “unmerege” it and “merge” it where I want it to go:

Is there anyway round this? With a much simpler disc where there is only one or two works I often “unidentify” and merge the compositions how I want them manually, but in the case of recital discs like this with many compositions (most of them excerpts), especially where roon has got every thing else right that makes no sense. It would end up being way too much editing work for the benefits involved. Is there any way of moving a merged composition from one group of compositions to another as in this case?