Unofficial 5" Screen


I made a box for my Pcm 1704 nos dac and my ropieee board player.
Since the official 7 inch screen is big for this box, I want to use another 5 "screen.
Unfortunately when I connect this screen ropieee does not see.
Is there any solution? Or do we just have to use the offical screen?

Screen information I have;
Waveshare 5inch Hdmi Lcd (B) V2
External power supply option
Resistive Touch Screen

Only the official 7" screen is supported…seems maybe someone else asked this in the last few days too

Oh that was you

Yes it is me :slight_smile:

When I research, I didn’t find anything about it.

I opened this topic that maybe there is another person who has experienced this subject.

It’s simple: only the official screen is supported. There are no plans to support other screens.


Simple for users too, will not use ropieee as endpoint.

Maybe start here: Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.2.0? I did a search for “kiosk”.