Unplayed Albums

It looks like an album disappears (when I focus with - Played) when a single track has been played. So in a large box set the whole thing disappears when a single track is played. I would like to see the Album stay visible until all tracks and discs have been played. So the tracks would disappear as played, the discs would disappear when all tracks on that disc are played and the album would disappear when all tracks and discs are gone. Does that make sense?


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there is a way to do this: choose tracks, make column Play visible then sort on plays ‘0’

Yes I can see what you are talking about but I never view by tracks. I always browse my library by selecting “Overview” and then “View All”. Then to get the unplayed I “Focus”, Select “Played in the last…” Select “All Time” and then change the “+ Played” to “- Played”. This is where I’d like to see the behavior I’ve requested applied. Looking at a long list of thousands of individual tracks is not useful to me.

Thus is of no help whatsoever for your request, but…

Rather than focussing, selecting etc each time, you may find a bookmark useful for dynamically bringing up your selection. Saves a few clicks.

Just a thought.