Unplayed library tracks

I’m on a mission to listen and rediscover forgotten tracks in my library which will have a 0 play marker against them. I’ve messed about with Focus but there seems no way to isolate 0 plays. I know that I can ascend tracks from 0 upwards but this would put them in album order when i would much prefer to be able to shuffle. Copying unplayed tracks to a playlist is a solution but the list would become out of date as soon as i listened to a track and i would have to keep amending it. Can anyone think of a work around please?

There are some tips for unplayed albums here:

Tracks - Select 1 - Select All - Focus - Played All Time - Reverse - Play All - Shuffle

Is this what you want?

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And then bookmark it! :smiley:

Thanks for reply. If I select played all time then I get tracks I have played down to 1 play. It’s the unplayed ones I need to isolate. Unlesss I have misunderstood your suggestion?

You have to click/touch the ‘played’ button (blue) to reverse it. It will become red.