Unsupported Device?

Hello Peep,

I’m increasingly having to re-enable my PS Audio DSJnr as I keep receiving the following message saying my devise is Uncertified…which it isn’t!


We do suffer from frequent power outages, generally only for 10-30 sec but I do know that the PS Audio DAC is very sensitive to any voltage fluctuations?

Any recommendations, ideas, fixes?


I just had this same problem about a week ago. I tried rebooting all my network hardware (routers, switches, access points, etc) and the problem didn’t go away. So finally I completely powered down my DSJr via the switch on the back of the unit, waited a minute and powered it back up. That fixed it. Junior has been available to Roon since w/o issue.

A UPS for the power outages and fluctuations?

Hello @Matthew_Taylor,

It appears that your PS Audio DSjr is mis-reporting it’s device identity to Roon. I recommend reaching out to PS Audio support as they’ll be best positioned to assist.


Thanks Everyone,

I performed a hard shut down of the PS Audio DirectStream Jnr DAC & its now ok but I think the issues could be that these is a s/ware update available, so when I have a power fluctuation, it attempts to download the s/ware…anyway, will also pick this up with the folk at PS Audio.