Unsure of best machine to install Roon on

I’m not sure what the best way to set up a Roon system would be on my system.

I have an older HTPC connected to my Marantz 7010 via HDMI. Its an Intel i5 quad core. I also run a Linux server (Ubuntu 18.04), that I use as my Plex server, with a much newer Intel Core i7-8700. And my main desktop is running an i5-3570.

I’m basically unsure of where it would be best to install the Roon “core” and whether or not I need to - or should - install Roon Server (or Bridge) on the Ubuntu server.

My main use case is sitting at my desk, using the main desktop, and would like to control or play music to the HTPC/Marantz. I would do most of my tagging and prep work on the desktop.

I’ve had a ton of problems getting DSF files to play remotely, like if I were using a DLNA controller and not getting the DLNA renderer to work. Can’t use UPnP for DSF/DSD. I’m optimistic that Roon will solve that problem.

Just need a little advice on how best to install and set up. BTW, I do not have any standalone DACs.

Thanks in advance!

If you’re going to need the HDMI connection to your Marantz 7010 for audio playback, then the decision is pretty much made. Roon server doesn‘t need top end performance for good results, though obviously faster is better. A dedicated single purpose Roon server is probably preferable.

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Sorry for being dense here, but I’m not sure what the decision is that has been made. Please don’t take it as arguing your suggestion. It is very much appreciated.

You’re suggesting running the roon core on the HTPC connected to the marantz? And use a remote instance on my main desktop to control it, leaving the media server completely out of it? And do that rather than running Bridge on the the HTPC?

Only curious because some of the FAQs basically said "run the player and the core on the same machine only if you have to. "


LOL, I‘m well versed in double speak.

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Personally, I’d setup RoonServer on the fastest machine. Setup Roonbridge on the machine with the HDMI out to the Marantz. And then setup Roon (in client mode) on the main desktop i5 for control.


^ what he said.


Very helpful. Thanks!
Time to get installing!