Unwanted artists on my library


Since 2 weeks or so, there are a lot of artists displayed in my library that comes from links that I guess are made by other users (guest musicians on certain records, or members of the bands). I tried to merge the artists to organize my files, or delete unwanted items, but every time I enter again, those are displayed again. Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks for your support!

I have this as well. I have a few programs managing my music as needed. In one application when I view as Album artist, I get 1 artist per album. This is my expectation. When I view Artist I get everyone listed who breathed near the album during production. I have some Eminem and Weekend albums that hurt to view.

I have not been able to sort in Roon by Album Artist, but I’d like to and I believe this is what you are describing too.

Sort of; for example, an album by Metallica, now features James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and so as different artists… or even 2 different links of the same band, or mispelled or wrong bands, . Now I have my artist list filled with spam

I assume it is the same as described here



The last link shows nicely how roon handles it. I opened this topic in general, asking for a lock button. The team then renamed the thread and concentrates only on that single one.