Upcoming change to Roon subscription prices (January 1st, 2023)

I use only Tidal as source. At home I bash Roon to death, on the go I stick with UAPP(and seems that would be the case till ARC start fitting my needs). One thing people kinda ignore or neglect is the educational benefit of having Roon with all the metadata suggestions etc. For me this worth more than the lifetime sub itself, but that’s my opinion. Nevertheless I think it’s a great product and community is awesome.


My computer is mac mini M1 8GB,not an old computer, if i need a mac mini to use roon it is even more expensive.
I just need a player that manages my audio files (flac, ape, dsd), that integrates tidal, that’s done by AS, roon doesn’t, but roon has recommendations and metadata and a lot of features I don’t care about like arc and multiroom, that’s why I have not decided on roon, because in my opinion that is not worth twice the price

I think @Edmund_Comber meant audio hardware.
Of course, if you don’t need the features of Roon, don’t pay for it. It’s worth it for those who do. (I for one don’t care for multiroom and DSP, but the database features are indispensable. Good that we have choices)


Indeed I did.

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It feels a bit counterintuative that you can now get 3 months of roon for 2 Dollar lol.

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Can I get the 2 dollar for 3 months deal and still buy the lifetime before the end of the year if I like Roon?

Get an interest free for 2 years CC and it’s an even better idea :slight_smile:

Each to their own

i found AS a dog’s breakfast , i subscribed for a year but couldn’t settle to it

A lot of my library is classical, not having any means of access by Composition is a big downer

My legacy JRiver libary fills the gap but what is your time worth editing all that metadata

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Read the Ts & Cs only for new Roon users

Bummer ?

If I had known how weird you all are here, I would never have bought Lifetime :rofl:


My father bought it on his account while he has already been subscribed before, so I am not sure if this is true.

Anf for returning user without active plan — there are two offers, you have to pick the right one.


Ok. I went all in today and purchased lifetime.


I think Roon management are using the funds from all these new life timers as a way to fund buying all their Christmas presents :rofl:

Suspicious timing some might say :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Found it!

:heavy_check_mark: Pay just $2 today for a 3-month Roon subscription (normally $38.97)
:heavy_check_mark: After 3 months, your subscription will renew at the yearly rate (our best value)
:heavy_check_mark: You’ll receive an email reminder before your subscription renews
:heavy_check_mark: You can change to monthly or lifetime billing at any time before renewal
:heavy_check_mark: You can cancel at any time


yes you can.


Thanks for confirming, Danny!
I took the 3 months and will see if I take lifetime before year end.

I am confused I just got the 2USD for 3 month, at the end of the 3 months if I buy lifetime the cost is the current 699 or the new 825?

From the post above, you would need to buy lifetime before the end of the year and it would start at the end of the three months to get the cheapest price.

Buy at the end and it’s full price.