Upcoming change to Roon subscription prices (January 1st, 2023)

While you are correct that the rest of your lifetime starts now, apparently the idea that you get to use your current subscription until it ends and only then start your lifetime (subscription) matters a great deal to some. And so Roon is also happy to honor that pricing request. The economics of which are obviously the same to both the subscriber and to Roon. But apparently not to psychology. I learned something new from this thread.


It’s easy: decide in 2022, pay $699; decide in 2023, pay $825.


I just swapped my £20 a month Tidal subscription (£240 pa) for a Black Friday Annual Qobuz Subscription @ £97. So I’ve saved £143 for the next 12 months, which I’ve put towards a Roon Lifetime Membership, which in my head anyway, now has only cost me £444. Now I can just chill out and get on with it !!! Cheers


I am continually astounded by the quantity of posts on this topic whenever roon adjusts the price. As someone who didn’t think twice about buying lifetime licenses (2 actually) almost 5 years ago (prior to two price raises) it certainly proved to be a good decision. Roon continues to thrive as a company, continues to provide all updates for free to lifetime licenses as promised, and continues to be relevant and the best option for a multi zone, hd audio solution. I have no doubt 5 years from now I’ll be saying the same thing.


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Another way to look at it might be;

You buy a glass of coke at a cafe. You drink 3/4s of the glass and want more. You decide before finishing the glass to buy a limitless refillable glass of coke whilst still having the 1/4 left in the other glass. You’ll drink it first before starting the limitless refillable glass.

We make choices in life. Some we learn by.

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I would actually throw it away and get a fresh one.

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You could just set-up a Tidal Argentina (VPN to make the account) account for like 12 USD a year :slight_smile:

Any way to save on giving artists money?

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All-in :slight_smile: Let’s hope that it is a good decision


Ever since this announcement, I went back and forth between Plexamp and Roon in the many endpoints in my house. I’ve concluded that Roon is still the best in this space. I just purchased the lifetime subscription a couple of hours ago.

I’ll still maintain my Plex library and Plexamp endpoints for when the internet goes down. :laughing: I also have a lifetime license for that.


Would be nice to see on this page how much money you already saved over the years after your break-even point :joy:

I have roon for 5 years now and I am still very satisfied, I would like to thank you for the great work the Roon team does. :blush:


Also just upgraded to lifetime subscription. I wasn’t as invested in Roon when the last increase from $499 was announced, but when you have dedicated Roon-hardware north of $2000, now might be the right time to go all-in :wink:


Lest anyone forgets, you have one month left to purchase Roon lifetime at the current price of $699.99 vs the new price of $829.99.


Well maths was never my strong suit. But I went lifetime for $499 in 2016. Feels like a good decision so far :slight_smile:


If you invested $500 at 5 percent, you would earn $25 per year. If you paid $120 per year for Roon, you are saving $95 per year by going lifetime, after the break-even point. But, since the $25 is taxable, you would be saving closer to $103 per year.



I love Roon and whatnot but $15 a month? That’s a bit too much in my personal opinion to justify considering that I also have to tack on the cost of Tidal ($10/month more). $25/month, even for the beauty that Roon + Tidal is, is a lot to ask for with, again, only 2 subscription services integrated.

My main issue isn’t really that the price was hiked, it’s just the underlying price of Roon in general. ARC is justifying it much more but I still feel like more than $8-10/month for Roon is overkill. I would love to see a $15-20/month Roon + Tidal plan, that would suit all of my needs, but oh well.

Going to pick up a yearlong subscription at current price along with Tidal HiFi so at least I’ll keep lower prices for a year


My Roon time averages 10-15 hours per week, and to me my subscription is money well spent. When I do wireless streaming from iTunes, the playback sometimes stutters and chokes; whereas wireless streaming from Roon, it doesn’t miss a beat, even when I group 2 or 3 zones.