Upcoming change to Roon subscription prices (January 1st, 2023)

Wrong. It was free to all. Now, you could speculate that part of the 2023 price increase is due to Roon ARC, but we don’t know that.

PS: I already paid, more than many. I paid in advance.

Dilemma for me, my annual subscription renews next May. Nevertheless I would have considered going lifetime now, but I’m about to get a Nucleus which I understand gives me a free year so I won’t have to renew until May 2024.

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Maybe they should have given it more thought a month earlier and chosen lifetime then? Of course, I guess they could have found $700 in the mean time.

Non of us want to accept price rises during the current climate, but I would imagine that most things are going to be more expensive in the next few years (i’m being UK specific).
I like Roon - it’s not perfect and certainly has it’s moments. However, I enjoy how it meets this household requirements.
My plan is to keep with the annual subscription and soak up the extra costs by dropping other less important outlay. In reality, Virgin TV, which can be replaced by Freeview and IPTV. Historically, I have always paid the annual Roon subscription, but since my wife retired at the end of the last fiscal year, we created a “fun fund” that is basically anything that we both want to contribute equal funds to. Happily the Boss agreed that Roon subscription should come out of this fund. Therefore I may personally be saving some money moving forward :+1:


That’s easy. Go lifetime before the price goes up. A free year has no value if you’re going lifetime anyway.


Mine isn’t over until late Sept of '23.

That being said, that’s not the point of the post I made.

Monthly increase: 13.3%
Yearly increase: 25%
Lifetime increase: 15.6%


My friends dad was retired with ill health when he was 45 . He was 103 this year.!!!
Now if only ROON life time had been around then???


That’s meaningless. You can choose whichever plan you want. You’re not forced to stay on annual or monthly. Do what makes sense for you now. Switch to monthly if you think that’s a better deal.

Your posts come off as condescending, FWIW.

If you have all the answers, please inform me why last time this all happened, the tone from Roon was they begrudgingly kept the lifetime, as they preferred us all as monthly users - this time around, it seems like they are incentivizing the lifetime option.

I am asking not because I’m incredibly concerned about the money… but I am wondering about what Roon thinks is best for Roon.


Another issue is that being in the UK, the exchange rate is so bad that in 18 months the increased lifetime price may not be that different to now in pounds assuming things improve economically.

I get ya. Missed your point.

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Lucky for you. Around here homeowners are seeing big property tax bill increases, with some up 50% or more. :astonished:

Like you, my lifetime Roon license I bought in 2017 for $499 is looking better and better. :+1:

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Hey gents, let’s mind the basic rules of civility, please.

  1. Don’t judge
  2. Don’t assume to know other people’s motivations
  3. Don’t blame
  4. Don’t make me keep posting these requests…



Unfortunately for me, I live in a red state that would rather have lower property taxes than good schools.


I hear you on this. My thoughts of Virgin Media is for another thread/forum.

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The email for resubscribing is extremely poorly worded, from reading it you’re not sure whether you should wait till January or resubscribe now.

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I haven’t seen it. Or at least haven’t opened it since I’m lifetime. But I will say that if this is true, this is the first concerning thing to me on this thread (my emphasis added)…

Indeed, it was a poor edit. Let me be more clear: Resub now for old pricing. Resub next year for new pricing.

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The bad wording was for one sentence and it only went out to those people who unsubscribed in the last 3 months.

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Finally caved in on the lifetime. Should have done it years ago but I am constantly flopping around between Roon, JRiver and LMS. Guess I just committed to Roon.