Upcoming change to Roon subscription prices (January 1st, 2023)

It’s hard for you to believe? You should see it from my side. :laughing:


I guess someone is telling a little white lie…

72…. That’s relatively young nowadays! :+1:


Some kind of payment plan wouldn’t go a miss!

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I wrote code for a long time, then a manager of a team of coders.



Well that’s not the best timing. Linn users with QNAP NAS drives can no longer access their streamers since the last update almost a week ago, and you announce a price increase. Maybe a fix would have been in order before hitting us with this.

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Just being noisy I guess.

My daughter went to a coding session at school today. She loved it. I’ll get her making apps in no time to get her pay her way through life (and my early retirement).


Just wondering - my yearly subscription renewed in late September - is there a pro-rated rate if I move to a lifetime?

I am not overly concerned about the price increase, but admittedly if this 25% increase is then compounded in a year or two, I will probably be kicking myself for not getting a lifetime.

Another note: Maybe I am remembering incorrectly, but I could have sworn you all brought up during the last round of price increases that its actually better for your business if people such as myself stay on yearly or monthly plans, as the consistent cashflow keeps the business running… if this is true and I am not remembering incorrectly, why the 25% increase for yearly subscribers, yet only only 15.5% for lifetime subscriptions and 13.3% for monthly. Am I being penalized for being a yearly subscriber?


The simple answer is no!

Surprisingly, you might say in these difficult times!

I am trialing Roon and like it very much, already had few minor hiccups now and then, but nothing like ARC outage yesterday… which made me think about the Roon’s service model:

Unlike most B2B vendors who usually provide some kind of SLAs to compensate for service interruptions - with Roon, and most B2C vendors, there are no such agreements, so when a service is down - like what happened with ARC - that monthly/yearly fee gets charged regardless of how long and how severe the interruption is…Life-timers are already “all paid in” so there’s not much they can either do besides opening a ticket and waiting for the service to get restored.

While price increases are most likely justified during current economic climate and/or as companies scale up, i wait for a pioneer in the B2C space to adopt a fairer business practice that incorporates service quality and availability within their pricing/compensation model. It’s not the easiest option, but it definitely can be done, and it’s the right thing to do.


LMS isn’t without issue and only has community support for updates etc.

I respect your opinion. I feel Roon has given me more in the last year or so. A better way to appreciate music all over again. A great/better UI compared to my music services app. This community forum.

It depends how you view Roon I suppose. Just a software or a lifestyle for our music needs.

Your view(s) may vary.

Since my wife threw away my CDs (yes, I got it out of her) Roon gives me the next best thing to physical media.


Given the “community” nature here, I hoped for something pro-rated, but I am not surprised. However I am surprised that I am being penalized for being a yearly subscriber.

I expected an increase in the lifetime cost given how much controversy there was last time, and how it seemed to me that Roon’s public comments pointed to the idea that they were begrudgingly keeping the lifetime license around and preferred people joined with monthly/yearly plans.

Now that we have a price increase, I am surprised as a percentage the yearly subscribers are bearing the brunt.


Can you give any details as to whom?

We got Roon ARC for free. Why would we expect compensation because the server went down for a day?


Glad I bought the lifetime last year. I look at the combined price of NUC and lifetime as a cheap component in my system. Heck people pay that for cables. Tons of value for the $1400 total I paid.


My annual subscription isn’t over until April next year. Pay now at the lower lifetime cost and it’ll start from then. I’m pretty cool with that.


That’s the same “hole in the fence” as if it started now.

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Thanks for the longer period heads up choice. I was considering lifetime but had to solve some issues before to be confident on support how they handle. Overall seems they do care solving things as fast as possible. That is also VERY important in long term sub not only service quality uptime.

Most likely will go also lifetime but i still have time to decide and EUR rate goes up against usd so no rush :slight_smile:

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No we didn’t, nothing is for free. Others pay for it just not you.

So will we finally see highresaudio.com to be integrated in 2023?