Upcoming changes to HQPlayer support

Do you mean 4.16.2 or newer or really mean, you must have 4.16.2? I say this, because 4.17 is released now.

Hi @kevin

Your post don’t mention HQPlayer “Desktop” but at all but I guess that’s what it’s about?

What about us HQPlayer Embedded users currently running 4.30.0 ?

Can you find out please? And maybe update your post?


F*ck yeah!

(Sorry for being superexcited!)

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No, you won’t be able to use HQPlayer 3.x, the minimum required version will be 4.16.2.

Bad wording, sorry! 4.16.2 or later.*

You’re all set! This applies to both Desktop and Embedded, version 4.16.2 or later will be required.

edit: The minimum required version for HQPlayer Embedded is 4.29.3.


I’ve the same question and I fear the reply.
Hopefully Roon is not forcing users to upgrade for no reason.

Here are the reasons:

There are quality issues with our current integration that cannot be addressed in the context of 3.x, because Signalyst does not plan to back-port the bits required to fix them to the 3.x API.

There are deep enough changes involved in moving to v4 API and addressing these issues that it is impractical for us to support both side-by-side. This would also put us in a position of supporting configurations that we know are broken, which is the whole thing we are trying to fix by doing work on our HQPlayer support.

We are not going to be supporting earlier versions of HQPlayer 4.x for the same reason–they have known issues that make the experience of using the integration less smooth, and we cannot be in a position of supporting broken integrations.


Not really good news for everyone.
Since Version 4.14.0 HQPlayer needs a CPU with AVX2 support.
As a result HQPlayer is not running on older, though powerful CPUs.
AVX2 support starts with 4th generation Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 CPUs, newer AMD CPUs accordingly.

For this reason, I actually decided not to upgrade HQPlayer anymore and keep the latest running version.

No it seems, that I will be forced to spend a few hundred bucks for a new computer to keep my system running :angry:


Thank you! Have been using the Roon/HQPlayer combo for years and Very excited for the changes. Besides stability issues, are there any feature enhancements? Ability to change NAA, turn convolution on/off and changing filters from Roon would be amazing!

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4th gen was around 2013, that’s ancient in computing terms so no surprise really.

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Actually it was.
Because it was hidden somewhere in the product description and not announced, that - with a minor version change - computers which used to be compatible are suddenly not working any more with HQPlayer when upgrading from 4.13 to 4.14 …

I have a dedicated PC which controls my NOS DAC, runs HQPlayer and is connected to a Roon core. HQPlayer 4.16.1 works with this setup no trouble.

I updated to 4.17 and I received an error that there was no internet connection and I could not connect to Roon. I do not want this PC connected to the internet so I have reverted back to HQPlayer 4.16.1

Am I missing something? Do the new versions of HQPlayer require an internet connection? Is there some kind of workaround? If not, I am afraid that come Monday, both Roon and HQPlayer will be useless to me.

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Maybe Jussi can compile a non-avx2 version once for this transition?

It would have been much more professional to give a complete and exhaustive announcement on the first try, not continuous updates on the minimum requirements … it seems that the writer has decidedly unclear ideas

It is HQPlayer Desktop 4.16.2 or newer. Or HQPlayer Embedded 4.29.3 or newer.


Older versions also require, but are less pedantic about it. Is there a problem providing internet connection? Roon won’t work without internet connection either.

Hi Jussi,
it is not a problem, as long your provider assures a stable connection :smiley:

Just out of curiosity:
What exactly is the internet connection needed for?

There may have been an announcement of this a while ago but this is the first I’m seeing it. Seems kind of abrupt to leave a bunch of users twisting in the wind…

So maybe I need a clarification…

My 2012 Mac Mini will no longer support Roon + HQPlayer starting monday?

(Tried to download version 4.17 and it won’t run. Crashes on launch.)

Would have been nice to get some time to plan an option, like building up a ROCK NUC or something.

Or maybe I’m not smelling what they’re cooking.

FWIW: I don’t use DSD, only PCM upsampled to 192, so processing is pretty hum-drum.

My product life cycles are fairly long. HQPlayer Desktop v4 was released Apr 2019. Since then, there have been changes that force some tooling updates. Like Nvidia dropped CUDA support for macOS. Apple announced their M1 series CPUs and move away from Intel. Intel launched 12th Gen series of CPUs with two types of CPU cores similar to Apple’s M1 (and CPUs used on mobile phones for past decade). This also meant updates to the OS and development tools. In addition AMD’s Ryzen series CPUs have moved forward. In addition Microsoft launched Windows 11 and discontinued support for Win 7, 8 and 8.1. These things demand that development frameworks and tools also get updated and move forward. It also means that some support for older hardware and OS versions go away as a result.

Since most HQPlayer DSP processing is fairly heavy, there’s heavy focus on supporting latest hardware too.

It is like either-or choice. Either I would support old hardware and people wouldn’t be able to run EC modulators to DSD512 on newer hardware like you can now. Or I support latest hardware, dropping support for older generations to enable these algorithms for best possible sound quality.

In addition, Windows 11 won’t run anymore on those older computers either. So my software support spans wider variety of hardware than what Microsoft supports for their latest OS.

But! There’s still an option for older hardware - Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and generic build there. It still works the same way as Windows version used to, with just SSE4.2 instruction set support. Release of new 21.04 LTS may change something in April 21, or maybe not, remains to be seen.


My room core connects to the internet. The computer running Hqplayer does not and can’t.

Can’t HQPlayer work with Roon without an internet connection? It doesn’t seem necessary.

Why? They should be on the same network?

No, it is necessary.