Update/dismiss “New Releases for you” on Home

Since the launch of 1.8 the „New releases for you“ album(s) on the Home screen have not changed.

My feature request is two fold:

  1. Update that album / section / content more often. I didn’t choose that album or any other that was visible since over a week.

  2. Make the choice dismissible. I listened to that “Madlib” album. Didn’t like it. There’s no need to keep showing it to me.

Thanks for considering.

I assume your referring to the “New Releases for You” section in your screen clip, if so that does not appear to be the “Recommed Albums” section, just a section to slice and dice whats new out there from Tidal or Qobuz. When you goto either Tidal or Qobuz, they have new music or new albums sections, which is what that section appears to be, thus, to me, it should not change every 15 min or so, but only as new albums hit Tidal or Qubuz.

Now goto any album display, even a choice in that section, scroll down past the album tracks and you’ll find the “Recommended Albums” section, which, again to me, appears to show albums fairly similar to the one your viewing.

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Thank you - you are absolutely right, wrong wording on my side - I corrected it in the original post and title.

I checked both Tidal and Qobuz - they have new releases every day, but still Roon shows the same album since over a week…

Do you have NRFY set to recommended or latest releases?

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This is a bug Roon is aware of. Hopefully the fixes for things like this will get taken care of when Fix updates roll out.

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