Update Linn Sneaky DS

Hi all. My Linn Sneaky DS has been in storage for 8 months while I’ve been moving from Bristol to Glasgow. Powered up and I’m on software 4.88.439 and can see that update to 4.99.491 is available. I’ve opened Linn Konfig and see a message that Konfig is at end of life but I should use it to upgrade to at least Davaar 99, then use Manage Systems in my Linn account going forward to upgrade. Problem is that in Linn Konfig, although my Sneaky shows up in the CONFIGURATION tab showing an update available, the UPDATE tab says all my products are up to date, with no update offered. Anyone else struggling with this?

Notes for Davaar 99 (4.99.491) do say that this is the last update via Konfig and after that to use Manage Systems: ReleaseNotes - LinnDocs

…but I need to get to 99 first…

No - I did an update yesterday with Konfig (Davaar 99) without any problems.

Good luck!


I upgraded my KDS to 99 via Konfig yesterday, but there are others with a similar issue to that of the OP over on the Wam forum:;

Might be worth an email to the Linn helpline.


Thanks, Torben. I’m glad your update was easy.

Thanks, Michael – I’ll check out the WAM link. I have logged a ticket with Linn. I’m sure it will get sorted as Linn are good that way.

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I own 4 Linn systems on 3 different locations. The ones I got most recently are a Klimax Organik streamer with ATC40A active speakers (2021) and a Series 3 (2022). Both of those have always been managed from Linn’s web site via “Manage Systems.” Both are remote to my current location, and I was able to update both remotely to 99. Locally, I have a Klimax DSM with 350 Organik active speakers, and a Kiko. They were both stuck on 97 as described in the discussion above. Weirdly, Konfig was able to update the 350s, but not the DSM for the Klimax system. Following my Linn dealer’s advice, I used the local controls on the Klimax DSM to force the 99 update, and all is good with that system. But (so far) it doesn’t seem that the Kiko system can be locally controlled in the same way. Waiting for more info on what to do there – maybe a factory reset if no alternatives emerge.

Linn responded to say that many users had reported this issue and that they would fix it. Then next day they emailed again to say it was fixed, and it was. So I’m all updated :slight_smile:


Thanks for flagging the fix, it rescued my last un-updated Linn (Kiko), all 4 Linn systems now on 99 and compatible with Manage Systems on the Linn website.

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