Update to iOS 10.3.1

Anyone updated to iOS 10.3.1?

Before I update my iPad, I think I’ll let someone else try this first (or wait until someone from the Roon team confirms that all is well), since it appears that Build 216 of the Roon iOS app and iOS 10.3.1 “crossed in the mail.”

My iPad doesn’t go that high!

I have updated my iPad Pro without any issue. Roon Remote is also up to date now.

Okay, that’s good enough for me.

No issues here for iPhone or iPad.

iPhone 5S and iPad Air 2 both ok with 10.3.1 and Roon app.

I updated all my Apple devices and Roon, everything working perfectly.

Same here…new iOS app update for roon is also available

Downloaded 10.3.1 with no problem but I’m not finding a new IOS update for the Roon app. in the app store. Did build 216 do that?

the Apps store sometimes (most times) staggers availability by region or country.

i did a general IOS update to 10.3.1 this morning and looking at Roon now on the Iphone i have build 216 fully up and running. Normally i have to trigger something to update Roon on the IPhone but to my knowledge not this time.
All seems well.